Thursday, June 2, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Our second day we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. Due to the late show the previous night causing a late start in the morning and then some confusion getting to the park, we got there just in time for lunch. After lunch at the Yak & Yeti (some very good Asian food) we went to Dinoland as my kids have just been very into dinosaurs the last 6 months or so. They went into The Boneyard, which is a kind of playground, but with no shade and so much cement, the heat was unbearable, so we went on the triceratops ride instead.
Olga and Cecilia

My dad and Elizabeth

James driving, my mom at the tail

James at the helm. Felicity is seated next to him, you just can't see her.

James and I got Fast Passes to bypass the line and go on my favorite ride: Expedition Everest. It is a roller coaster that just epitomizes fun. While I do like roller coasters that go upside down, this one doesn't. But it does go backwards. My parents watched the girls while we went on together. Reread that. Together! I don't remember the last time we did that. LOL

By mid-afternoon, the heat had just become too oppressive. Even being pushed in shade in their strollers, the girls were red-cheeked. We found a shaded table with a fan and munched fruit and downed cold water for an hour just to cool down. Then we went on Kilamonjaro's Safari. It is kindof unique in that you are in a truck that drives through the animal's exhibits. You literally could be delayed if the giraffes are crossing the road.

A hippo.

Love the baby elephant. So cute. But likewise glad I've never been pregnant for 22 months! Poor mommy elephant.

It is amazing how well the dry part of the Rhino blends into the wall!

I think the heat really did them in. Both Felicity and Elizabeth fell asleep on James' lap.

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