Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Magic Kingdom

Our third day was spent at the Magic Kingdom. Per the girls' request, our first ride there was the girls' other favorite attraction: It's a Small World, or as it is sometimes called around our house, The Little Boat Ride. I am actually hoping I have enough good shots of the ride to make a nice collage of the ride and frame it for the girls.

After the ride I discovered Teresa had squeegied. So while James and my dad took the older three girls on the Carousel, I took Teresa to the restroom. Not surprisingly, she had soiled her outfit, so I had to put  her in one of her emergency backup outfits from the diaper bag. I lamented how many people would now ask how old HE was. Oh well, at least she was clean.

After the Carousel, the girls wanted to go on Dumbo. After my excursion to the bathroom, I picked up a hat for Teresa (I had forgotten her sun hat at home) and one for myself as the sunburn was beginning to creep up on me despite sunblock and joined them in line. My brother agreed to take some pictures for me and, unfortunately, I forgot to adjust the camera for natural lighting, so the pictures are, well, a bit blue, but they came out well otherwise.
Cecilia and my dad
Cecilia and my dad

Me, Teresa and Felicity.

We went on Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh and others. Dinner was at my favorite restaurant in all of Disney World: Tony's. Based on The Lady and the Tramp, it is an Italian restaurant. I love the atmosphere and the food, not to mention the film.

James with Teresa on Buzz Lightyear

After dinner, we plopped ourselves on the curb of Main Street and waited over an hour for the Main Street Electrical Parade. Now, we had both of my parents and all 6 of us camped out on the curb for over an hour but we did save seats for my brother Michael and his friend Stephen (Jon and Olga had other plans). I don't blame anyone for asking if they could walk up to us 5 minutes before the parade starts and ask to sit there, but as we'd been sitting there over an hour, I was stunned when one woman got very agitated that we wouldn't just let her and her child sit in the saved seats in front of our stroller (in which two of the girls were sitting). I mean, really, where is the justification in getting upset we wouldn't give her the seats we'd been saving for an hour? I still don't get it.

The parade was beautiful though Elizabeth fell asleep about half way through and Felicity succumbed to sleep at the last float. After we got back to the hotel, and you could see the fireworks were going off over the castle from our room window, even Cecilia, about halfway through, said she was too tired and crawled into bed.


  1. The nerve of some people...I swear (now just imagine that happening at Mass as it did to my dad one time he had all four of us and the church didn't have pews but individual chairs). Someone who was over five minutes late for Mass wanted him to make us four kids get up so they could sit down. They were two older couples, but really, if my parents could get all four of us to mass on time, even early and sitting still...they only asked us too because they went to stand in the back, which pretty much said it all, they only asked because we were kids. They even complained to the priest who told them, "Mass starts at 9, if you want seats, and seats together, you need to arrive at least five minutes early" (go priest!). Anyhow, I love It's a Small World too! Excellent choice of ride and somehow I have never ridden Dumbo!

  2. Three cheers for your priest! I mean, there is nothing wrong with asking, but the presumption to complain about a negative answer just baffles me.

    They are improving Dumbo! They are making two of them so the line won't be so long! It is always at least 30 minutes, usually closer to 60. With little kids, I'll be glad when the new one is finished.