Thursday, June 23, 2011


On June 11th, we packed up the girls and "moved" into the new house. We set up blankets and pillows on the floor of the girls' new bedroom and began "roughing it." In the luxury of air conditioning, lush carpets, a baby swing and running water, we used paper plates for eating, sat on the floor and had a coloring marathon. I began my plan for keeping the girls clean, fed, and occupied while James and my dad brought valuables, liquids, aerosol cans and computers from our old house to the new.

On June 12th, we made the now 30 minute drive to our parish for Mass. Teresa and Elizabeth fell asleep on the way. We aren't sure yet if it will be feasible to stay at our old parish.

On June 13th and 14th, the movers arrived and began packing up everything in our old house and loading it onto the truck. James supervised and cleaned while I stayed at the new house with the girls.

June 15th the movers unloaded everything into the new house. Due to complications with craters who seemed to not have a working watch, James had to remain at the old house and I had to direct the movers where everything went while watching the girls. Thank Heaven Teresa loves her swing so much!

Since then we have unpacked the kitchen, the girls' room, our bedroom and the living room. Disregarding hanging anything on the walls, those rooms are pretty well set. We still have the playroom and office to situate.

On June 20th and 21st, my parents' movers arrived and unloaded all of their stuff. We got a little packing done those days, but more was spent in supervision of the girls with movers bringing stuff in.

Elizabeth also had her 2 year doctor's check up and James and I both had our semiannual dental cleaning.

We also had Verizon out for about 4 hours and got the phones, internet and cable working.

It has been a long two weeks. I'm sorry it has been so quiet on here. I do have pictures and more details but I thought a simple post explaining what has been going on and why it has been so quiet was in order.

Tomorrow is Elizabeth's birthday and I haven't planned anything yet.

I'm so looking forward to some degree of order and normality! Hope everyone is doing well!!!


  1. Glad the move overall went smoothly. Enjoy your new home!

  2. I thought you guys may have moved into the new house. Good luck with all the unpacking! Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!