Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

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My beautiful Teresa. She is getting so big so fast. She is 3 months tomorrow.

Elizabeth is just getting big enough where she can really begin playing with Cecilia and Felicity. I was on the floor with Teresa when I looked up to see the two of them wrestling and tickling each other into hysterical submission. 

The dining/living area of the new house. The girls have so much room. They have been running in circles in pure joy over the new space.

We took the kids for ice cream. Chocolate, Vanilla and blue Cotton Candy mouths all around. 

The windowsill behind Elizabeth's bed: Elizabeth has figured out she can climb up onto it and walk across it. Then she decided to do her "Happy Dance" on it. I love her happy dance. It cracks me up. She basically tip toes very quickly, but it is priceless.

Cecilia decided to build a "house" out of whatever was unpacked. Hence there are little sofas and chairs, blankets, sofa cushions, a basket, empty boxes and packing paper. Very resourceful but I think she needs more practice before embarking on her construction career. 


I was putting some books on James' desk chair when I looked up to see a big black thing on his window. It gave me quite a panic when I realized it was a live mouse stuck in the screen. Fortunately it was outside the house, but the little bugger had fallen into the fire escape and couldn't get out. He tore up the screen and spent a day trying to dig a way out. I eventually lowered a pole hoping he'd climb out. He was too stupid for that. He doesn't have his own amusement park for a reason.

Mickey he ain't! 


  1. The happy dance is adorable! The mouse, on the other hand, is not! They are only cute when they are nowhere near my house!

  2. Your post had me smiling until the mouse which gave me the willies. It was nice to see your girls having so much fun.

  3. I would have screamed bloody murder about the mouse. I kid you not. Loving the happy dance though!

  4. LOL

    No, I wasn't happy about the mouse either. I actually would have made a little science lesson out of it for the girls except I knew the mouse probably wouldn't make it out of the fire escape alive.

    My dad asked if he could "pull a br'er rabbit" on him and I said it was fine as long as he cleaned it up. My dad couldn't quite get him though.

    Mr. Mouse died peacfully in the corner last night and my dad disposed of him this morning.

    Our window screen now looks like some piece of modern art.

    Very thankful the mouse never could get inside but greatly hoping it is the last one I see for a long time.

    Kristen - I almost did scream. The only thing that stopped me was I didn't want to have all 3 girls come running to see the thing.