Thursday, June 2, 2011

Settling In

We couldn't actually check into our hotel until the next day, and since the room wasn't ready until 4pm, we had to kill some time. So we went to Downtown Disney.

The girls had seen a commercial for the Rainforest Cafe and had asked to eat there but the nearest one to us is about 3 hours away. Since there was one in Downtown Disney, we figured it was as good a time as any for them to get to eat there.
Elizabeth and the water-squirting elephant.
Felicity, Cecilia, Elizabeth, (Teresa in the stroller) and James

Olga, my brother's girlfriend

The girls enjoyed eating surrounded by tropical fish and all the decorations but none of them liked the artificial thunderstorm every 30 minutes. 

They also liked the robotic elephants and gorillas.

The Rainforest Cafe has acceptable food but the prices are ridiculous. It is definitely a unique dining experience but I don't think it is worth the expense. The girls got to experience the place, but having them cower on our arms every 30 minutes because the lights dimmed and it thundered above us wasn't ideal either.

After lunch we walked around some of the stores in Downtown Disney. 

One fun store at Downtown Disney is Goofy's Candy Co.. The sign is made of jelly beans. 

Felicity and Elizabeth at the pin trading store. Elizabeth especially loved the Mickey and Minnie statues that were just her height!

There is also a huge Lego store and it has tables set up outside for kids to play legos. They even had shorter tables with the big duplo blocks for kids Elizabeth's age!

James, Olga and my brother Jon help Cecilia and Felicity with Legos.

After a couple hours at Downtown Disney, we stopped at Publix (Oh, I SO miss Publix!) for some milk and OJ for the week and checked into our hotel. We shared a 3 bedroom villa with my parents, my brother Michael and his friend Stephen and my other brother Jon and his girlfriend Olga. The villa overlooked the Magic Kingdom.


  1. We don't have Rainforest Cafe's here either (I think Orlando is the closest one) and my boys ask because they sponsor Curious George, but some good info if we ever make it to Disney and decide to try it out. I guess I am lucky my kids are not afraid of storms (particularly since we have a hurricane or two or three every couple of years), now my dog on the other hand...what a beautiful view you have at the villa!

  2. Kristen, I think Curious George is how my girls found out about it too.

    I don't think mine used to be afraid of storms but last summer we had a couple of whoppers that has made them more concerned about storms, particularly if there is any Tornado watches or anything.

    I think most dogs are scared of storms. Although my brother's dog liked to go out and bark at them. lol