Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, when we got back, all of the girls were sick, including me. So we basically took a couple of days just to rest and use tissues. (I'm so wishing I had bought stock in Kleenex!)

Then came laundry and cleaning the car seats. Two of the car seats had been vomited on and Teresa's diaper had exploded on hers. All three were hand wash only. So I figured I might as well give all four seats a thorough washing and wipe down the plastic parts. James took the car for a thorough cleaning. When life is nuts and you are moving, it is rather nice to have a clean, organized car! (At least something is as it should be! :) )

Every day since we got back there has been at least one phone call of someone wanting to come by and see the house. Our landlord has it listed for sale or lease. So every single day we have had to have the place relatively cleaned, the girls out from underfoot, etc. We've tried to coordinate meals and naps around said times. We've also had people say they were coming and never show and had one realtor ask for a 2 hour window in which to come only to show up 20 minutes after that window without any call or anything. In the middle of dinner. I guess if we were selling our own house, it might be a bit easier knowing what was at stake but as it isn't, it is just a nuisance.

Four days before Pentecost, I finished my Lenten reading! Sounds pathetic, I know, but really it isn't. For my Lenten reading, I picked up Fr. Dubay's Fire Within. First of all, it is not an easy, swift read. It concerns contemplative prayer and infused prayer and the depths/heights to which prayer can reach and it does so through the Gospel and the writings of Sts. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. (I admit I find it particularly amusing that I'd been reading so much about Teresa of Avila, for whom our newest daughter is named, even before I knew we had a daughter. Knowing her, I have to imagine St. Teresa has been having a little giggle over this fact.) Dealing with such a subject that struggles to be put into words means that the language and concepts can be somewhat abstract and complex. So the nature of the material did slow me down a bit. Sometimes my head could only handle so much and I had to take a break with another, lighter book. But, the nature of this book is such that it was wonderful being able to read it slowly and absorb and reflect on what I'd read. It was a very appropriate Lenten and Easter read. But you can probably understand why my next book is Susie Lloyd's Please Don't Drink the Holy Water! :-)

Melanie has put together a wonderful series on catechesis for young children over at Calah's Barefoot and Pregnant Blog. (I highly recommend you check it out!) And after 2 weeks of traveling, all I can think of while reading it is, "Yeah, we need to get back to that," or "Oh, oh, oh! We should try that!"or "Yes, I've been wanting to do something like that!" and then I get a phone call about someone else coming to see the house and remember almost everything we own will be in boxes a week from now. I will have to reread Melanie's wonderful posts after we move and my stress levels are a bit lower. :)

Basically, this week, we are waiting. If all goes according to plan, we should begin moving a few things into the new house on Saturday and Sunday with the movers coming to pack everything else Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday the movers load everything onto a truck and drive it about a half hour and then spend Thursday unloading it all. Until Saturday though, I'm waiting. The new house will be a wonderful improvement over our current living arrangements. The girls will have a large fenced in yard in which to exhaust themselves. We will actually have a freezer with an ice maker! The bedrooms and living spaces will all be larger. I will even be able to take a bath if I want to instead of a shower. Everything except the laundry will be on the same floor (Do you have any idea how challenging it can be to take 1 child upstairs for a nap and leave 3 young children by themselves on a separate floor?)! We will also be living with my parents and their dog. My kids have never had a pet and are very excited to play with Alicia. And my parents will never want for company again. LOL. 

We still don't know if all will go according to schedule but here's hoping all goes well, smooth and sane! And in the meantime I'm reading, coughing and trying to be ready. 

A high of 97 degrees today?!? Geez! (Thank God for air conditioning!)

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