Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Desperate for Order

It has been like dragging a semi truck to get the girls to clean up their toys (the "pulling teeth" metaphor just doesn't do the battle justice). So, by Sunday, I was absolutely craving organizing the play room better.

In fact, I was so desperate that, against all my plans, I took all four girls by myself to IKEA to get another storage system to add to the one we had. I must say though that all the girls were very good and Cecilia was especially amazingly helpful pushing and steering the flatbed all by herself and never hitting anyone or anything!

I then spent Monday afternoon assembling it and Tuesday afternoon labeling the bins and organizing everything. "Blocks" and "Trains" are two categories that are simply too big to fit in one of the bins and so have their own separate containers, but the results I am very excited about! I'm SO hoping this helps the girls clean up and put everything in its place!!!

You can see I added a picture as well as the words since Cecilia is the only one who can really read at the moment. 

SO hoping this makes clean up time easier for everyone!!!


  1. I love how you added the pictures to the labels. Looks great!

  2. Bobbi, thanks! It really seems to help when it comes to clean-up. No more claiming they can't put something away or don't know where to put it!