Thursday, August 18, 2011

Five Frogs

Remember that window with the fire escape into which the mouse fell? Remember we got the mouse out but had gained two frogs?

We are up to five now.

I've been trying to figure out which kinds they are.

I believe two are Pickerel Frogs:

 Two seem to be Fowler's Toads.

 And one appears to be a Wood Frog:

The girls have almost come to regard the frogs as pets. We've told them at some point we will have to get them out of there and toss 'em back to the woods or have 5 dead frogs outside daddy's office window. Cecilia is willing to let them go so they won't die, but she won't let us do it yet without sobbing. 

I wonder if these pictures printed would do anything for our homeschooling science credit with the state of Maryland? 

And, of course, no place around our house would be complete without a decent sized wolf spider:

I hate these things. 

I don't know if the frogs were trying to eat the spider or the spider trying to eat the frogs, but Grandpa has taken care of the spider, I'm quite happy to say. 

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