Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Weigh Less Front

Well, I've been on my diet for 5 weeks now. My goal was to lose 2 pounds per week. More than that could jeopardize my milk supply.

Last week I had been rather happy to have, on average, met my weekly goal. But as the week progressed, it became obvious the week wasn't going very well weight-loss wise. I suspected part of that was my eating and part that, having significantly strained my calm muscle, I simply couldn't move as quickly or often as I usually do. I braced myself to accept a gain on Monday and hoped for the best.

Then, on Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth got a stomach bug. I spent the afternoon comforting her. Saturday night into Sunday morning, James took his turn with the stomach bug. So, Sunday, with my husband out of commission, I took to watching all 4 girls and trying to keep Elizabeth resting, doing laundry, etc. Then Teresa took her turn with the stomach bug. Sunday, I exhausted myself. And the whole day my stomach had this little ache. I kept telling myself if I just kept going, it would go away. By later that evening, it became obvious that it wasn't going away. I kept hoping I could hold out but it wasn't meant to be and last night, I took my turn with the stomach bug. As stomach bugs go, it wasn't that bad, but since I had exhausted myself all day, I spent the night so tired my limbs would shake and I got dizzy when I stood up. I had trouble walking. We use the swing for one nap for Teresa each day. But going to bed last night, I had to just put her in the swing. She lasted until around 2:30 and when I went to pick her up out of the swing, I was so physically tired, it felt like she weighed as much as Cecilia. Unfortunately, around 1 something, Felicity took her turn with the stomach bug. James spent most of his night on watch with her.

This morning, I think we are all past the worst of it. (Cecilia had her turn the previous weekend.) But we definitely need a day of calm resting. I cancelled school, despite Cecilia's requests. And got a little surge of a smile when I weighed myself to find I had not lost my goal of 10 pounds but rather 12. I realize some of that is probably just water I will get back this week, but still.

I had to laugh when I entered my weight on and the website was concerned I was losing too much weight too quickly. I didn't see anywhere though to note on there that I'd been sick, so they will just have to be concerned.

But, overall, I'm pretty happy so far with my weight loss success. Here's hoping September goes well!

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