Friday, August 5, 2011

Pictures from Moving Times

I've had some pictures just sitting on my desktop from around the time of the move. I thought about trying to work them into some logical post but, well, thinking I'd do it for several weeks hasn't made it happen, so just enjoy the photos...

Felicity and Elizabeth pretend to be Mary, Jesus' Mommy. 

Cecilia and Elizabeth sharing a sofa. 

Cecilia gives Elizabeth a kiss. 

Both girls notice I'm photographing them. 

On move-in-day, Elizabeth fell asleep on Teresa' bouncy seat. 

My brother's dog, Alicia, joined us during my parents' moving-in-day. The girls love feeding her cheese and taking her for walks.

I returned to my desk one day to find Bowser craving wedding cake. Stranger things happen, right?

Cecilia and her missing tooth! The new one is working its way up now. 

After setting up the bookcases, the girls took turns making a bed out of the bottom shelf.

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  1. I seem to remember Shelby falling asleep in Will's bouncy for some reason (not that we were moving!) How cute!