Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Preparing for School

Has it really been two weeks since I posted anything? For shame!

My apologies. In my defense, I have been busy. I promise. I spent most of those last two weeks planning for Cecilia's first year of school: Kindergarten. 

The fact is that Cecilia had been asking to do "school" for weeks. I just hadn't been prepared to do it yet. 

She has also been very into a Disney World for kids book my dad got the girls and she keeps trying to plan our next trip there (even though it won't be until sometime next year at the earliest). 

So, I was a bit relieved when she took the book and began copying all the attractions she wants to see or go on onto a nice big piece of packing paper. 

I had to correct a few of her Ns which came out backwards, but in the end she filled the paper practicing writing letters and words and had fun doing it. It also bought me some time to plan her Kindergarten curriculum.

I finally finished planning out weekly goals for a total of 13 subjects and we had our first day of school yesterday.

Overall it went well.

We begin school each day with a prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and a recording of the current weather conditions and temperature.

We then do 3 pages in her Phonics book, 1 page of Math and 2 or 3 pages of Handwriting practice. We then do Poetry, Character Qualities and Religion. Twice a week we do Social Studies and Music and twice a week we do Health and Science. Once a week, on Monday afternoon, we do Art and I aim for 30 minutes of Physical Education twice a week, but I've also signed Cecilia up for Ice Skating lessons every Saturday, which will begin in September. We also practice reading 3 days a week in the afternoon.  I had bought the BOB Books for her to practice with and she went through all of set 3 this afternoon. I need to look into a bit more challenging I Can Read books. Any suggestions?

Felicity wants to do school along with her big sister, so I have some sheets of numbers for her to count with and color. She loves it. And when we are done with Cecilia's school, I take a little time with her to go over the sound letters make. She almost has all of them down. I didn't actually start teaching Cecilia to read until shortly before she turned 5. I'm wondering if Felicity will want to wait that long. Her sister doing school seems to motivate her to want to learn more. Now if only the fact Cecilia is potty trained had the same effect! 

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