Friday, September 23, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. How Cecilia fell asleep like this still baffles me, but my husband tells me he used to sleep like this when he was little. She definitely gets this from daddy.

2. Cecilia, ever the ultimate play mate, has taken to given Elizabeth horsey rides:
3. Teresa, like all her big sisters, is determined to develop her mobility skills first. Yesterday she pulled herself up standing for the first time. I was kind of excited to catch a first on camera.
4. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Teresa's other first yesterday, but she is indeed now crawling. This makes her my earliest crawler as she will not be 6 months old for another 8 days and all my other girls were 6 months old when they began crawling. Having a crawling baby will definitely make life here a bit more interesting. Elizabeth is already learning that she cannot starting doing a puzzle only a few feet from Teresa and expect her puzzle pieces to not wind up in Teresa's mouth. This will definitely make our time at our co-op more interesting too.

5. Anyone who had been to our house couldn't help but notice our old ratty sofas. Their cushioning was almost nonexistent and their fabric looked like we had a pet bear that liked to sharpen its claws on it and we don't even own a cat. So I have been very happy to enjoy sitting and lounging on our new sofa.
From this:

To two of these:

Ah, it is just heavenly to sit on instead of hurting my back and putting my tush to sleep! And since the price difference between a sofa and a loveseat was $20, we got two sofas to increase our seating capacity!

6. Teresa is also saying her first word. She has been babbling quite a bit for a few months now but it is very easy to hear her say "ma ma." I'm not sure if she knows what it means but I suspect she knows it means me as I hear it most when she is getting grumpy or is being left in her crib and wants me to get her.

7. I have my first Catechesis of the Good Shepherd class tomorrow. I haven't been in class since 2003. I hope my note-taking skills are still there. I will be in class for 7 hours with a lunch in there somewhere. That is a long time for me to keep Teresa happy. SO hoping she is good tomorrow!

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  1. Shelby used to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions...we found out she takes after MY dad! Loving the new furniture. We just refinanced our house (we had an arm that was almost expired a year, so it was time!) and bought a new huge tv because it had been 10 years since we had bought a big one, the little one we bought for the kids you couldn't hear and since we got rid of cable/satellite the old big tv wasn't digital and didn't work with the antenna!!! ARGH! So, I know your pain of the old couches!

  2. Stopped by from Conversion Diary. You have a beautiful family! 6 months old is so young to be crawling it seems! my oldest never crawled and walked at 9 months...but the rest so far have been content to be carried, I guess, LOL. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your takes.