Saturday, September 10, 2011

Potties, Rain and Bananas! Oh My!

Somehow this past week seemed busier than I can account for. We got some school done. The laundry was done. The usual. 

But three things made this past week a bit out of the ordinary. 

The first is that we began potty training Felicity on Monday. The first day, she had 5 accidents and 1 success. Tuesday afternoon, she had a breakthrough. She ran to the potty about every 30 minutes trying for success, completely on her own. That day she had only 3 accidents. Wednesday she didn't have a single accident. This was especially exciting since we didn't stay home on Wednesday. 

Felicity is officially day potty trained. She wears underwear all day every day. I think she could be night potty trained very soon if she can just remember to get to the potty as soon as she wakes up. It isn't easy for us to get her to the potty immediately as she wakes up since she is usually awake before we are! 

But she has been doing absolutely awesome! And it is so nice to only have 2 in diapers/pullups during the day. I'm curious to see if I might not be able to try to get Elizabeth using the potty soon but we'll see. 

The second thing was that on Wednesday we went to the Cathedral in Baltimore for a special Homeschoolers Mass with the Archbishop. It was a very nice Mass and the Archbishop gave a very supportive homily about the sacrifices homeschooling parents make and how important our witness is to the world. He said he supported Catholic schools but some parents expect the schools to do everything in the education of their children and homeschooling parents are important witnesses that the proper rearing and educating of children must include their parents. He said he has great hope from homeschoolers, particularly when it comes to embracing their vocations. 

After we left the Cathedral, it began down pouring and took us an hour just to get out of Baltimore. Part of that was simply the fact it was Baltimore but the heavy rain definitely played into it. I95 was at a crawl for one part because the rain had caused flooding in the right lane that was impossible to drive through. It was high enough we were, quite seriously, checking the car to make sure none came in through the doors. The girls called it "the river in the road." Apt indeed.

The third thing was that Teresa began "solids" this week. I've started all my girls with rice cereal for a first "solid" but only until I'm certain they have the swallowing thing down. Then I move on to something I would actually eat: bananas. 

Somehow it doesn't seem like we did all that much this week, but I'm fairly exhausted, so I declare it to be a very busy week! :)


  1. Yeah Felicity! When they are ready, they are ready. Same thing happeend with Joey this summer. And he'll be four in less than two weeks now. I have been introducing Will slowly, he is still not "getting" when he needs to go. I've been leaving him out of a diaper for as long as possible "nude" during the day, but he so far has asked after about 15 minutes to put one back on. Sigh...of course, a couple of times I've found him sitting on the potty going spontaneously!

  2. What a really nice observation by the priest at your Homeschooler's Mass - that schools can't and maybe shouldn't do everything. There's absolutely no telling what's going to happen in my family's future, but I always tell my husband that if we're financially able, I'd love to do homeschooling!

  3. Kristen, the big clincher for Felicity was we bought her exactly the prize she said she'd want and put it on a book shelf so she could see it but told her she couldn't have any until she used the potty. By day 2 she was running to the potty constantly trying to do something to get the prizes. She could do it. She just needed to want to. Sounds like Will is making great progress going on his own! I'm sure he will get it soon with enough practice and time on the potty.

    Hi Mrs. M! Yes I really enjoyed hearing our Archbishop. He really seems to support both Catholic schools and homeschooling, as all bishops should but some, unfortunately, don't. Just tell God, if He wants you to homeschool, He will have to help make it possible. Then, trust Him. I'm looking forward to checking out your blog...... after school. :)

  4. Actually, that same incentive worked for Joey with #2 on the potty. He took swimming lessons and loved them and his teacher. We told him #2 in the pool was not allowed so if he wanted to go to swim lessons with Mr. Mike he had to use the potty! It was almost instantaneous.