Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Teresa

Well, Teresa turned 6 months last week. She is crawling and getting way too fast at it. I have to reset her often. I told her doctor this and he kind of nodded and smiled. He is such a great pediatrician. He didn't try to argue with me. He is also married with three daughters, so I think he has learned when not to argue with women. But it was clear he doubted me until I set Teresa down and set her loose. She was all over the office and standing holding onto their cabinets. He was impressed. Of course it is wonderful she is developing so well. It just causes me more stress as she is a very young little girl with absolutely no fear  and potential danger everywhere. Of course we are baby-proofed to the hilt but, well, what short of a plastic bubble is really completely safe? Elizabeth still doesn't believe me that Teresa will eat any puzzle piece Elizabeth leaves within about a 30 foot range of Teresa.

She weighed in at only 16 pounds, 9.5 ounces but she measured up at 27 inches. So, in the last two months, she basically gained 2 inches and 1 pound. Once my girls get mobile though, they always begin to thin out.

Sufficed to say that she is doing very well. She is developmentally ahead but her sleep needs some work. I'm not sure how much of her sleep troubles are the fact we've had 3 colds in as many weeks, her 6 month growth spurt, the fact she is a very sensitive sleeper, or her insatiable desire to suck anything. In fact, last Wednesday, she discovered she could calm herself by sucking her thumb. (You can see her do it once in the video.) Three months ago I would have paid her to learn that. Now, I'm not so sure. We'll see how it goes. Sometimes she sleeps well, sometimes not so much. Hopefully that will improve over the next 3 months.

She was all smiles for the nurses and doctors though. And she doesn't just smile with that adorable toothless grin. She throws her arms and lunges her body forward. She smiles with all she's got. It is so precious. She even sat through her first shot just staring wondering what it was but didn't make a sound or shed a single tear.

Then there was the second shot. That one she did get upset over but a little late lunch and she was fine, playing with her toes while we checked out.

She is doing very well and growing up much too fast but we are loving every snuggle and toothless grin we can get in the meantime.

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