Saturday, October 29, 2011

Installing the Range

I know things have been quiet on my blog. But that is primarily because they've been anything but quiet at home. In fact I've been down right swamped. If it hasn't been one thing it has been another. Some just happened, some happened to happen now and some I chose. But that's life, isn't it?

So I'm working to get some posts up about what has been going on around here.

In September we began the process of getting a range. This meant getting one company to come remove the countertop. Then getting a second company to come remove the cabinet where the range would go and prepare it to become a cabinet island. Then bring back the first company to cut the countertops to fit the 3 cabinets but with one of them as an island. Then we needed a plumber to set up the gas line and an electrician to set up the outlet. Then the appliance company was able to install said range. You may well imagine why it took over a month to get it all done. But we finally have gone from this (the mess is because this is a picture from when we first moved in but you can see the three cabinets and counter top):

(Sorry I don't have a picture of the counter tops missing. It did make putting the clean silverware away exceptionally easy though.)

To this:

To this:

It is so nice to have a range in our kitchen! No more carrying hot pans down stairs from the kitchen upstairs! No more cooking in 3 places at once! Can you say "Eggs for breakfast?"

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