Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leaf Collages

Cecilia's horizons were broadened last week when she discovered "Art" was more than painting. I'm not sure why she thought art was only painting, but hey, what is school if not to learn. 

So we went out in the yard and collected leaves. I was bitterly disappointed with the colors available to us but I wasn't about to risk ticks in the tall grasses to get others. 

The girls had fun glueing them in various patterns. I tried to suggest covering the whole page and not leaving any white, but they weren't interested. In fact the greatest fascination seemed to become how Elmer's glue, dried on your hand, could be so much fun to peel off. 

 All in all, I think it was a fun art project. The girls had fun, tried something new, and considered a new possibility of what art can be.

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  1. Such fun! BTW covered in contact paper those collages make fun seasonal placemats.