Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Little Artists

Monday I try to do some form of art for the girls. Something beyond crayons or colored pencils. But it was cold, wet and they were pouring cement outside (for another post). So it had to be something indoor-friendly and not too messy as I have yet another cold setting in.

Watercolor seemed like a good idea, so I gave each one paints, a brush, water and a big sheet of packing paper (have plenty of that!) and set them loose.

Elizabeth mostly experimented with the colors. We tried to go over the names of each one as she used them but it got tricky when she would put black in orange or blue in green.

Cecilia is my girl who is much more fact-based in her approach. She is not so much creative as curious and loves exploring the world, loves finding out what is and how it works and what it does and why. She will be the child to take things apart and enjoy biology. She is the one who is high spirited and full of energy and simply has no interest in slowing down because there is simply too much wonder in the world to hold her still. When I was trying to think of something special to do for St. Francis' feast day, she suggested going to the zoo. Couldn't do it, but still a great idea. St. Francis would love it. Ever ready to celebrate, she painted a birthday cake.

And she painted a rooster on top of a barn between two trees (the one on the left has apples) and next to a flower, a rainbow, and a bee beneath a sun-filled blue sky.

It sums up Cecilia really, really well.

Felicity is the exact opposite. She is my meditator, my ponderer, my writer of songs. She isn't worried about what is so much as what can or could be. She is always telling us about her house, her cat, her dog, her girls, her garage, etc. We will be driving down the road and stop and she will point to a house out the window and announce to everyone that that house is her house. She sees the potential in everything. She reads between the lines and creates worlds. She drew these. I believe the purple is a tornado and she says there is also a yellow brick road and rainbows.

Personally I just love the colors. They melt together and feather apart. They remind me of aurora borealis or whips of clouds.

When asked, both my girls said they wanted to be artists when they grew up. Okay by me. One can paint landscapes and portraits and do graphic design, the other will do murals, abstracts and interior design. :)

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  1. I love how you are able to describe your girls. So much of a mother's love goes into knowing all those little details. I can't wait to be able to do the same :)