Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday was a week ago.

When Cecilia said to me, "Mom, your birthday is Sunday, " I replied, "Yes, it is. Do you know how old Mommy will be?" She gave me the early birthday present with, "Um, 24." Thanks kiddo.

I don't mind being 32. I figure, as long as you have spent your time well, you shouldn't mind the fact it keeps moving. It just means more time to spend well. The only thing worse than reaching your next birthday is not reaching it, as they say. But I don't mind the 8 year miss from the little girl who probably doesn't remember what her mom looked like so many pounds ago or so many gray hairs ago.

Unfortunately, James was sick on my birthday. So we had to delay our outing on its behalf. But I did get some wonderful gifts.

An awesome stack of books and DVDs!

A dozen red roses from my sweetheart hubby!

A bunt cake tin - I'm so looking forward to making this!

An outdoors table with benches and umbrella for the girls. It will be moved outside once the work is done in the yard (that is another post entirely).

So last Friday, we celebrated my birthday belatedly. We drove to Gaithersburg and made a stop by Homestead Farms.

The girls remembered the this photo op. The funny thing is that we didn't take this photo last year, only the year before. It is amazing how much they have grown since then!

It was way too cold for a hay ride but the girls had fun seeing all the animals. I had forgotten how little Elizabeth had been the last time we were there such that seeing the animals was like a first time for her. She especially loved the sheep and she he would bleat. She would get very excited, declare it a "sheep!" and then bleat back. Definitely need to get her to a zoo next Spring.

Each of the girls got to feed the goats though Elizabeth needed a little help. She wasn't too thrilled about having a wet hand afterwards either but considering it was in the 40s, I don't think anyone would be.

We picked up a bag of apples, some butternut squash and acorn squash, and the girls got some pumpkins. We usually get to the farm earlier in October, but it just didn't happen this year, so they didn't get the full apple-picking, hay ride time they have before, but at least they got a some time at the farm.

Unfortunately, while in the cold, one of the girls had an accident resulting in wet pants, underwear, socks and shoes. I always keep backup outfits in the diaper bag, so I had backup underwear and pants for her. I didn't have any of her socks but fortunately a pair of Teresa's stretched well. Shoes were another problem. It was 40-something degrees and her sneakers were soaked and we were almost an hour from home.

Fortunately, the restaurant we were going to eat lunch at was in the same shopping center as a Target. So I did a quick run inside to find the least repulsive nicest little girl sneakers for $15. Fortunately, she loved them and we enjoyed an absolutely delicious lunch at Uncle Julio's. The girls generally fill up on chips and queso but I just love the chicken enchiladas with sour cream sauce. Then we made our semi-annual visit to the Lindt chocolate store. I have never tasted a chocolate better than Lindt's.

Fresh produce, delicious Mexican, and the world's best chocolate - quite a delicious birthday celebration!


  1. As a Belgian I have a small issue with the chocolate comment, but I'm so glad you had a good birthday ~ have a great year!

  2. You have a beautiful family The girls are just precious. The pumpkins look so much better than they do here in OKlahoma. Wasn't a great year here for the fall vegetables.

    Kim Chrisman