Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Honeymoon in the Smokies

Hallie Lord over at Betty Beguiles has asked about honeymoons.

So, where did you go? And why? Did it have any special significance? Where you happy with your choice of destination? And what did you do while you were there? (Well, besides that, I mean. Wink, wink.) Did anything go terribly awry? And if so, has enough time passed that you can laugh about it or should I send you a bottle of wine?
If you didn't know, I'm a mountain girl. I love the mountains. Never lived there but love going there and would love to live there one day. So, for our honeymoon, James and I rented a cabin in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. 

I don't remember anything going awry but it was unseasonably warm for January. In fact, the weather completely confused the ladybug population and they were everywhere! Our cabin often had ladybugs everywhere but, as they are cute, harmless and named after Our Lady, I didn't mind. 

My dream house has a strong resemblance to this cabin. The view from our cabin:

When we weren't just enjoying that gorgeous cabin, we explored Gatlinburg and the Smokey Mountains.

We'd love to go back one day and take the kids. When they're older. :)

A huge thanks to Hallie for hosting this! We didn't have our digital camera back then so this was a wonderful incentive to stroll down memory lane and scan some pictures from our honeymoon! It is nice to remember what I looked like 50 pounds ago too. LOL (yeah, working on that.) Felicity saw me putting up the pictures and asked me who that was sitting next to Daddy. Awe, come on. I don't look that different. Thanks, kiddo. 


  1. Wow wonderful cabin!! LOL you got the hot tub I requested.

  2. Joy, lol, yeah. Well, maybe you can get the hot tub on an anniversary? (I think it is after the kids start coming that you really need one of those anyway. LOL)