Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Felicity!!!!

Today, my little angel turned 4 years old.

I remember when she was born. She was my fastest labor and my easiest labor and the only one of my children not born crying at me. She was born quietly observant and she is still very much that way today.

She was always happy to play quietly on her own. She always loved to cuddle, rarely cried and, when she was tired, would just go to sleep. She was my easiest baby to date and was one of those babies that would make anyone declare they'd have 10 more.

Even Felicity's moody days were better than some kids' best days. She also had perfected her eye roll from a very early age and gave me looks that would take most people til adulthood to master. But she has always been of a quieter, gentler nature. She has always been very generous in sharing.

Some people confuse Felicity with Elizabeth. They are 19 months apart but almost the same height. Felicity is so unique from my other girls though, I would have a hard time confusing her with anyone.

Felicity's godparents were out of town but some of our friends from our homeschooling co-op were able to join us for some chips with salsa and queso and Chick Fil-A wraps and nuggets.

She asked for a chocolate Beauty and the Beast cake. Since we moved over the summer, I had to find a new bakery. When I went to order the cake, they asked if we wanted to pay an additional $12 for a decorating fee for them to make it really nice. I said sure. I figured if we were going to give this bakery a try, might as well see what they could do. I was impressed. Not only was the cake delicious, it was beautiful.

All the girls had so much fun playing with their friends. It was a party and a play date all in one.

Felicity loved her presents too.

She now has a regular-sized back pack in a pretty lavender with some of her favorite characters on it - Mario and Princess Peach.

She got about a dozen wonderful books, bath crayons, a cool flashlight, a Belle costume, some play plastic pets, two very nice additions to the Thomas the Train set, a dress, a new pajamas...

Both Cecilia and Felicity have been absolutely in love with Cats the Musical, the DVD. They will ask to watch it and will jump, run and otherwise act like furry felines for 2 1/2 solid hours copying the musical. Cecilia has asked how old she has to be to perform in it on stage. So, when I stumbled across a cat costume on Amazon closely resembling her favorite cat, I had to get it for her. Here was her reaction:

And here she is performing in it...

She had a fun day of her favorite foods, a beautiful cake, fun with friends and surrounded by people who love her.

A very Happy Birthday to my beautiful, gentle, kind, generous, cuddly, "Mr. Mistoffelees" Felicity! Four has come too soon but I am thankful for every day and look forward with joy to each new discovery with you as you continue to grow in grace and beauty.


  1. Not only did this look like a lotta fun, but that CATS costume is ADORABLE! Cake wins best Disney one I've seen, too. :) Happy birthday, little one!

  2. Happy Birthday Felicity! That is such a great cake! And it looks like she had a lot of fun!