Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Flowers

I thought I'd try doing the Little Flowers program at home with Cecilia and Felicity.

It is slow-going for the girls to memorize the Act of Faith and the Scripture verse, but they have really enjoyed learning about St. Catherine of Siena and the virtue of Faith.

They learned about her strong faith in God and her desire to live only for Him. Since she even cut off her hair to remain single, we made faces with silly hair.

Mine and Elizabeth's

We also read about how Jesus gave St. Catherine a special ring that only she could see. The activity book called for beads to make the ring. I have little ones. Beads don't bode well for my stress level. So we improvised and made white rose rings instead.

We read about St. Catherine's letters to the pope asking him to return to Rome and we colored pictures of her.

Felicity evidently didn't think St. Catherine was feeling very well that day. :)


We aren't done with the Faith patch yet, but we are making progress. A few requirements I'm not quite sure how to do yet, but I'll figure it out. One of them is to speak to a religious and ask about their vocation and their faith. I don't think we know any per se. There is a monastery up the road, but as I have all girls, I think it might be more interesting for them to visit a convent. I will have to look into it. We are making progress though!

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