Friday, November 4, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. Cecilia and Felicity finished the last ice skating lesson. I had to bribe Felicity to go but by the time I had her skates on, she was showing me how she can jump in them - backwards. After the lesson my ice skating loving Cecilia said she didn't want more lessons and my "i don't want to" needs a bribe Felicity said she wanted more lessons. Kids.

Both girls graduated from their class. Felicity would move up 1 level if she wanted to. I think Cecilia would get clearance to jump 2 levels though.

Now they want to do gymnastics. I looked at two gymnastics places nearby. Both operate on a monthly/wait-list basis. So I could put their names on a list but there is no surety they will start any time soon or at the same time. And, while I admit I have not been in many gyms, I wasn't fond of the stench of either of them. Have your kids taken gymnastics? Did their gyms stink? Is it just a gym thing or is it just these gyms?

2. I know it was Halloween, but no food store should be caught selling this.

It just proves I shop at the stupidest food stores. I miss Publix.

3. And now a little humor. Teresa has gotten very proficient at crawling to the point where I can find her almost anywhere.

Yes, even at the toilet. No, I am not potty training at 7 months. She has been curious about what her sisters do there though. She is so small though I'm glad she hasn't figured out how to get much closer. Or I might come in and find something like this:

(courtesy of my Texas husband)

4. We didn't dress up for Halloween but they spent most of last week dressing up anyway. Three of my princesses:

5. I generally don't comment on politics. I generally don't like politics. But I loved this. Now this is an Occupy I can get behind!

6. Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees this outside her window and thinks venison for breakfast. We live in a reserve area though, so not happening. 

7. Teresa turned 7 months on Halloween. Not only is she proficient at crawling, she now stands up and holds on with 1 hand and cruises around the furniture. I have no doubt she will be walking before she is 9 months old, making her my earliest walker. She is so precious but boy, oh boy does she keep me on my toes!

Bonus. Elizabeth dressed up in Cecilia's Mario Brothers costume. I thought it was too cute. Of course the others couldn't resist a photo op. 


  1. Loving the pictures!!
    Lisbeth takes gymnastics at our local Y and it doesn't stink but that may be because it is not doing gymnastics full-time in the room.

  2. I seem to remember an odor in the gym but not a sweat/stench odor...I do know they are hard to get into around here and that makes it really difficult on moms of more than one who want to do it!

    Will is a lot like Teresa in adventurousness (is that even a word? I guess guess so, Google chrome didn't flag it!). Jeff was cleaning out our gutters while the boys were playing in the back yard and got off the ladder to go inside for a second came out and Will was sitting on the top step of the just be careful leaving ladders out around her :)