Monday, November 7, 2011

A Weighty Update

It has been about two months since I updated on my diet. Sad, I know. But I couldn't bring myself to update after September. September wasn't horrible, but after a stomach bug and 3 colds in 3 weeks, my diet wasn't anything to be happy about. After the stomach bug, my stomach was really out of whack and I had completely lost the diet rhythm I had gotten in August. Sore throats and stuffy noses meant I didn't want what I should eat per se, I wanted soups even if they weren't the healthiest or I wanted something with plenty of spice so I could at least taste part of it. I yo-yoed with a couple of pounds through September, especially after recovering from all the water I lost during our stomach bug, ending September basically where I began it. It is hard to be too upset about it though. It has been a bad season for us in terms of colds, ear infections, stomach bugs, etc. and I comfort myself that, through it all, at least I didn't net a gain. 

October was much better. I even lost a pound the week of my birthday! I am not maintaining that 2 pound/week average but as long as it keeps going down, I'm happy. Considering I'm still nursing Teresa, I'm not supposed to lose too fast anyway. I'm now down 17 1/2 pounds since beginning my diet at the end of July. I'd finished losing my Teresa baby weight at the end of August and I'm 2 pounds away from losing all 9 1/2 pounds remaining from my Elizabeth baby weight. God willing I will finish my Elizabeth baby weight this month and then on to my Felicity baby weight!

Yes, I have personal goals based on where I know I began each pregnancy. So while weight watchers can count the percents or the pounds by 5s, I'm eyeing what I weight at the beginning of each pregnancy. Working back down one child at a time. :) So far I am averaging 1.2 pounds lost per week. Now to see if I can keep losing it through 2 children's birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and our wedding anniversary! :)

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