Friday, December 30, 2011

A Garden of Pictures

On Friday we went to the United States Botanical Gardens. We'd never been before but it was worth the trip, even in the "dead" of winter. 

They have a special exhibit featuring 8 model trains (including Thomas the Tank Engine) and numerous houses and buildings made entirely of plant materials. 

In addition, the orchids were in bloom. Beautiful doesn't do them justice. There was also a room where you could smell different plants and see various ways we use the plants in medicines and foods. The girls found the Vanilla plant and the Cocoa plant. My dad didn't want to leave the coffee plant. We saw a Camphor tree like in Totoro and sugar cane, aloes, cacti and a huge Christmas tree. 

So here is our trip to the Botanical Gardens in D.C. in pictures:
 The Supreme Court 
 Fairy above Thomas the Tank Engine
 (Melanie, this one made me think of you. It is called the Bookworm Borough.)

 The castle is Neuschwanstein. 

 The tree from which we get Frankincense.
 Vanilla .. .. Mmmmmm.
 Coffee.... Grandpa would have liked to take this one home.
 Camphor Tree
 The Orchid Room...

 The enormous Christmas Tree.
 I tried to get the girls to say "Cheese." Cecilia hid in the stroller, Felicity ignored me and Elizabeth turned around and gave me the hand. LOL.

 The smell and learn room...

 Even Teresa enjoyed her visit!

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