Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seven Quick Takes - Second Week of Advent

Picking up from last week's Quick Takes...

1. My dad went and got his Christmas tree, so I picked up some evergreen for the Advent wreath. I really want to use real fir tree branches but I definitely will need some practice to make it look better in subsequent years. Oh well. I still love the greenery.

2. We also got out the Little People Nativity set. The girls have been playing with it quite a bit. I love this set. Even Teresa can play with it.

3. And, of course, we got out all our Advent/Christmas books. I found a basket that holds them all... sort of. Well, they all fit when I had nicely organized them in but at least kids putting them back means kids have been looking/reading them.

4. James had gotten a cold on Thanksgiving. Last weekend, it hit me. By Monday, Teresa and Cecilia had it and by Wednesday Felicity had it. Elizabeth doesn't seem to have been much affected, thankfully. But on Monday, my voice began disappearing and, by Tuesday, was gone completely. I spent Wednesday and Thursday only whispering. I can't help but feel like God is saying, "SHHHHHHHH!"It has given me a bit of a different perspective on Advent, awaiting in silence.

Well, not silence exactly..... I have four young girls after all and they haven't lost their voices. But I can't help but believe God is telling me something.

5. The day after Thanksgiving, we went to see The Muppets with the girls. (Okay, this one isn't really an Advent take.) It was a lot of fun. The girls are begging to go again, which we plan to do once we are all healthy again. It is a fun family outing. I recommend it!

Elizabeth has also quite taken to Kermit since then. She shared her morning banana with him.

And even took him to her "bed" on the sofa.

And, just like that, decades after The Muppet Show, a new muppet fan is born. :)

6. I noticed this week that Teresa was grinding her teeth. But to my knowledge she only had 1 bottom front tooth and one incisor working its way through. So I was naturally baffled as to how she could grind her teeth. She let me in on her secret. She is, in fact, in the process of getting all four of her upper front teeth for Christmas. Added to the one little lonely one on the bottom front (I keep wondering where his mate is) and it is no wonder she is often grouchy, usually not sleeping well, and very adept at eating solids. She will actually gobble down quite a bit. All I am going to say is, as she is only 8 months old, getting teeth for Christmas is overrated. Or, she could at least be satisfied with just getting two.

7. My voice has been gone for 4 days now, I have a sinus headache, and I haven't really gotten anything done all week. Sorry, but I'm empty for a #7 this week. Blessed Advent!

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  1. This has nothing to do with your 7 quick takes, but those are the neatest kitchen chairs!

  2. Feel better! The wreath looks wonderful!