Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reading List 2012

I tried to start a reading list last year and, well, new baby, ... vacations .... and a move later I just never kept up with it. I was still reading. I just neglected to record what I read or write anything about it.

No more!

So, I'm beginning a new book list for 2012. And I will include my current reading book. Though I began it in December, I am going to include my current book once I finish it. I have 90 pages to go. It was my second Advent/Christmas book. The first, which I read in the first 2 weeks of Advent was The Wood of the Cradle by Caryll Houslander. A very good read and a nice preparation for Christmas. But not a long read, so I knew I'd need a second. I wanted something a little different though so I opted for a Birthday present. Not religious, but very apocalyptic. I am 75% through Mark Steyn's After America. That has inspired its own post, but I'm not done reading the book or writing the post yet.


  1. Amazon's Wish List system is how I keep track of my reading list. It's super easy to put books on there and super easy for me to DL them onto my Kindle.

    Downside, though - for most of my religious books, there is no Kindle option. Boooooo.

    The Wood of the Cradle is one I've never heard of. I feel an addition to my Wish List coming on... ;)

  2. Gina, I don't use or have a Kindle. I know some people love them. I really just can't get past the idea of not having a book in my hand though. So I don't have the kindle option. Otherwise it sounds like Amazon would be helpful.

    I really liked The Wood of the Cradle. I thought it was well written and does a nice job reflecting on Jesus the Incarnate God as a newborn baby and Jesus the sacrificial lamb of Good Friday with reflections on Mary as well. A nice read. I recommend it.

  3. Oh, I apologize for the confusion. I had the Amazon list well before getting a Kindle (a Christmas present).

    The Amazon list simply helps me keep track of all the books I want to read. I used to simply queue them up as one might Netflix or something. Now I'm able to stream them quicker using the Kindle, but the Amazon wishlist was a must for the last four years.

    I had different lists - one for books, one for household stuff, one for my son's nursery items, etc. This way I was able to purchase things a little at a time and not overwhelm myself (or my wallet) with huge purchases. Ha ha.