Friday, January 13, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. On Monday Teresa had her 9 month appointment. She is passed her exam with flying colors weighing 19.8 pounds and measuring 28 inches.

2. Teresa is also quite the instigator at home. On Tuesday she figured out how to open cabinet doors by herself.

It is amazing how quickly a 9 month old can fall in love with a colander. Later that day, she found Elizabeth's milk cup on the floor. The pediatrician asked she not get cow's milk until she is a year to ensure her milk supply really comes from me. She didn't want to surrender that milk cup. At least she liked it though. Before the day was over, I caught her crawling away from this:

Then on Thursday I fished two AA batteries out of her mouth. If my next picture has more gray hair, you will know why.

3. I do the Little Flowers program at home with Cecilia and Felicity. We began last Fall focusing on St. Catherine of Siena and Faith. One of the requirements to earn the badge was to ask a religious about how their faith lead to their vocation. Now we live down the road from a Franciscan Monastery but as I have four girls, I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce them to a religious sister. Fortunately for us, a town over or so, the Nashville Dominicans of St. Cecilia run the Mount de Sales Academy. And it just so happens a long-time family friend teaches there. So she arranges for me to bring Cecilia and Felicity and meet with Sister Amelia. Unfortunately, when we met, Felicity went completely shy either hiding behind me or during her head, sticking up her chin and closing her eyes. But Cecilia was very good and St. Amelia answered their question for their badge and told them about her habit and what she does. Cecilia thought it was really cool that her habit is her wedding dress. I wish I had thought to ask her to tell them about her day but our time was very limited as the faculty were doing interviews of incoming 8th graders. Still, it was a wonderful introduction to the religious life for two very young girls. When I told Sr. Amelia that Cecilia had sworn off marriage she used her scapular to see what Cecilia would look like in a veil. Afterwards our friend gave us a tour of the school. The girls had such a good time, Cecilia's asked if she can "go to school there some time."

4. This has been such a strange winter. It was in the 60s last weekend. Then flurries, then no jackets needed again. Up and down, up and down. Now, I know lots of people are thrilled about not getting much of a winter. But I like winter. I like the cold. I like snow. I like spring. But I want my winter first! Bring on the snow already!

5. But! That doesn't mean why won't enjoy the weather regardless. Last Friday was so warm, the girls ate their Christmas cookies in honor of the Epiphany outside. No jackets or coats. Yes, Cecilia is even wearing shorts.

6. Even Teresa got some time outside and loved it!

7. I confess I'm having a hard time adjusting to Ordinary Time. I feel like I've been dancing for 6 blessed weeks of anticipation and joy and, Monday afternoon, the music just stopped. And I feel like I'm standing in the middle of the ball room asking, "Okay, now what?" 5 1/2 weeks until Lent? What do I do for 5 1/2 weeks? Seriously, I need ... something ... during this time. How are you handling the post-Christmas/pre-Lent time?

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  1. I LOVE Publix!! It's the best thing about the move so far!

  2. Totally agree with you about Ordinary Time. Sometimes I feel like one season into another would be nice...but that's not the way God wanted it!

  3. Agree, crazy weather!
    Was given "at the Still Point: A literary guide to Prayer in Ordinary Time" for Christmas but have been unable to start it yet can't comment but will once I have a chance to explore a bit.

  4. Ha - your number 7 is brilliant.

    I'm attempting to organize Lenten pilgrimages for my parish, and with all the reading I've been doing, I feel like I've gone straight from Christmas to Lent.

    But when Sister announced to our CCD kids that we're now in "Ordinary Time" my heart kinda sank and I had that same "What now?" feeling you described! Didn't give it a second thought until I read your post and realized, "YES! That explains it!"

  5. I have jumped straight into "spring" cleaning mode. I thought it would be nice to go into Lent with a clean house so I can work on a clean soul. So I'm getting all our "ordinary" stuff done. Shampooing carpets, dusting baseboards, replacing missing buttons on things. So far so good :)

  6. Kaitlin, I still miss Publix. Enjoy a sub for me! :)
    Kristen, yeah, I'm still working on how to get through Ordinary Time. I'm trying to focus on the individual Saints feasts to get me through til Lent.
    Gina, only 5 more weeks!
    Oh Dwija, what a good idea! I'm just not sure where to start. lol.