Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sickness Upon Sickness

It has been a wretched season for us and sicknesses. Since September, we are on our 10th illness, at least.

I had thought # 5, in early December, was rough as it cost me my voice for 3 full days and we had to cancel the whole school week.

This week though takes the prize. We had colds back to back but never two illnesses on top of each other.

On Saturday, Teresa got a fever, spiking at 102.9. James also came down with a cold. By Sunday, her fever was down to 99 but Elizabeth had gotten it and was spiking at 103.3 and Felicity seemed congested. By Monday, Elizabeth's fever was down to 100 and Teresa's fever was gone but Teresa had broken out in a rash from her ears to her toes. I took her to the doctor and was told she had a virus that was causing the rash and it would be a "few day thing."

Tuesday I thought, well, two are sick, we'll spend the week in and see if anyone else gets it. I went to Confession and about two hours later felt physically exhausted, drained and sore. That afternoon, Cecilia began complaining of a fever, headache and stomachache. She too had gotten a fever. Around bedtime, Cecilia threw up twice. We made a bed for her on the floor of our room along side our bed. Fortunately, she slept all night, but I woke up at 1:15 with a clear fever though I have no idea what it was as someone had taken my thermometer. I slept poorly until 6 when I got up looking and feeling like the walking dead. I checked in at 100.8. Felicity got up and checked in at 100.9. Cecilia got up and was 100.4. Teresa got up and, in addition to her rash, had a fever of 101.1. Elizabeth was the only one without a fever. And the only one acting like it.

Cecilia laid down on the sofa, Felicity curled up whimpering, Teresa clung to me crying like alligators were nipping at her toes. And there I sat, tired, sore, with a pulsating headache, easily dizzy, waves of queasiness and feeling just plain miserable. I nursed Teresa but she was as miserable as ever. And she was trying to go back to sleep. So I gave her some ibuprofen and put her in her swing for a nap.

Then I took two Motrin, got Felicity a piece of toast, turned on Disney Channel, curled up on the sofa, and drifted in and out of consciousness for two hours waking only to hear, "Mom, I don't want to watch this," at which point I'd switch it to PBS Kids and drift back into unconsciousness.

Those two hours definitely made a big difference though. When I got up, I was ready to eat. I made myself two slices of Monk Cinnamon Raisin Bread and, since Felicity had eaten her toast, gave her some ibuprofen. Teresa woke up as cranky as ever. It took a lot of nursing, two diaper changes, bear hugs and some Gerber Puffs to cheer her up.

By 11 though I was worried about the one healthy one. Elizabeth had fallen asleep. That is early for a nap and I couldn't help but wonder if she was coming down with this thing too. She and Teresa had had the virus that causes the rash, but as Teresa's fever for the rash had gone, and now she had another fever, I thought it was a safe bet that the fever that gripped now four of us was something else entirely. Cecilia continued to throw up Wednesday and through the night.

By Thursday I was a little improved with only a slight fever and a very sore throat. Teresa and Felicity continued to have slight fevers and Cecilia was still throwing up. So off to the doctor's all six of us trod. After the nurse finished noting the buffet of symptoms, and despite the obvious white spots all over Cecilia's tonsils and tongue, the strep test came back negative on all three girls. Basically we had another nasty virus and no one could do anything about it. 

Fortunately, the clouds began to break Thursday afternoon. Cecilia finally stopped throwing up. By Friday Cecilia was asking for Orange Juice and the only one with a fever was Teresa. 

Teresa continues to have cold symptoms and I have a smidgen of sore throat left but basically it has been a solid week of multiple viruses. I feel like I've been in a video game with different symptoms being thrown at me from different directions. It has been insane. 

Thus we spent all day today, apart from a grocery store run and picking up Chick FilA for lunch, mopping and cleaning the dining room, vacuuming the living room, scrubbing and sanitizing the bathrooms, washing and changing all the girls bed linens, washing all the towels and bath mats, vacuuming the girls' bedroom, and sanitizing commonly used items like door handles. And we ain't done yet! I'm all for building up immune systems, but I need a break. 

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  1. Holy goodness - you guys have had it rough! Best wishes for speedy (and permanent) recoveries!