Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doing It With Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today has truly been a labor of love. I don't quite know what happened. Her sleep had been improving so well. Then last night. O last night. I spent less than 3 hours in my own bed. She soiled her diaper around 2am (I know I couldn't sleep like that!) but it was much more than that. She was constantly waking and constantly grumpy. I fell asleep a couple of times on the floor beside the crib. My back and left arm testify to this fact. When I woke to her crying again, my arm was still stuck above me in the bars, cold and sore.

James, ever my Valentine, kindly let me sleep in bed (!) from 6 until 8, when Teresa woke me (yes, those were two of my three hours in bed). I got up to Cecilia asking 13 times every 4 minutes if they could *finally* have their Valentine's day cards and presents. She was less than thrilled that, as their presents involved chocolate, no we wouldn't be having those at 8:15am. But they got their cards and we began school.

Teresa had not been up 90 minutes when she began getting grumpy. If she was nearly as tired as I was, I wasn't surprised she was ready for a nap. I know I was. I gave her some ibuprofen and got her asleep. Ah, that magical ibuprofen. She slept over an hour and woke up like a ray of sunshine upon a fresh Spring daffodil. I swear she wasn't the same child! She was so happy. The happy potion lasted until just after lunch when the clouds appeared. Getting her asleep for a second nap was like cowering in a lightning storm. She napped only 25 minutes and woke up a sheer grump. Needless to say, I got her more medicine and she improved dramatically again.

Clearly it was not something she ate. She has no signs of illness whatsoever. So my only guess is teething.  I've seen no evidence of it, but she did get 5 teeth in December and nothing since. It could make sense that she is gearing up for another round.

Now, I made and cleaned up lunch, did the dishes and put away the clean laundry, and got school done today and I absolutely loved my Valentine's Day cards from my Sweetheart and my girls, but I am going to beg Teresa for one more present in a good night's sleep. And I will even sweeten the deal with some more giddy-baby-inducing ibuprofen.

It has made me reflect though. I spend many nights helping Teresa sleep and many days doing school with Cecilia and doing laundry and dishes and I don't do it all because I'm bored or get high off of dishwasher detergent. Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to remind others that we love them but it can also be a wonderful reminder to us of why we do all the things we do, why even the annoying, little or uncomfortable things we do for others is worth it. We do it in love.

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