Friday, February 10, 2012

Growing into Six

Two weeks ago, Cecilia turned 6 years old. Every year on her birthday I am a little surprised that I have a child that old.

She has grown and matured so much in the last year though, 5 wouldn't suit her anymore anyway. :)

Unfortunately, since we spent the week before her birthday all sick, we had to postpone her birthday party a week.

But we did have a small birthday celebration on her birthday with family. She opened an archery set from my parents.

And we gave her all the gifts from us:  St. Cecilia and St. Bernadette wooden hand-painted figurines from St. Luke's Brush (I LOVE their stuff!), four books

and Hello Kitty pajamas. She has been an Hello Kitty fan ever since she got a band-aid at the doctor's office with Hello Kitty on it.

We had ice cream, sang Happy Birthday and then let them work off the sugar. :)

And Cecilia tried out her archery set. It has been a huge hit! (Though I do recommend purchasing extra arrows if, like me, you have younger children, particularly ones like Elizabeth who like to see if they can wear them as a belt!)

Then, last Sunday we had a birthday party with Cecilia's Godparents and their adorable little boy and a family from our co-op.

Cecilia wanted a dinosaur themed party. The bakery did an amazing job, especially considering they were working from a photocopy of one of her party plates.

Cecilia got some wonderful books from Grandma and Grandpa. She has become quite the Amelia Bedelia fan!

Shel Silverstein poems!

As she requested, she got ladybug pillow pets... a mama and a baby.

Elizabeth claimed Grandpa's lap during the unwrapping ceremony.

Cecilia's friend shows her the card he made for her.

I had a bit of a challenge taking pictures while keeping Teresa from going to town on the presents. My friend snagged this photo.

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Bea sent her the board game Trouble and Hello Kitty clothes - which she wore as an ensemble to co-op this week.

How did my little baby get so big so fast? But what catches my breath even more than that is how she is maturing. I see her offering to read her sisters books, help Felicity with "school work," putting together coordinated outfits for herself, and just in general acting more grown up. Okay, I'm going to end there before I start crying.
Happy Birthday to my growing Cecilia!


  1. Hi Katherine,

    I came over from Michelle's Liturgical Time blog to say hello. Congrats on the Liebster Award! You have a lovely family that obviously enjoyed celebrating Cecila's birthday. Whoever decorated that cake did an amazing job!

  2. Awwww - that's so beautiful. Time flies by too quickly it seems. What a precious entry. <3

  3. Hi Noreen, welcome! Thanks. The cake was done by a wonderful local bakery. I've been nothing but impressed with their work and it thrills me to support a local business. :)