Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Gymnasts

Cecilia and Felicity were supposed to have their first gymnastic lesson on the 26th. Yeah, well, um ... didn't go that day.

But we did make it this week! The girls had a blast! I was really quite impressed with how much they did. I expected summersaults, but Cecilia also tried cartwheels and did a hand stand and swung on the bars and rings, both girls practice balance on the balance beam and Felicity had a ball jumping on the trampoline!

Cecilia and Felicity were in different classes but in the same room. Felicity is in the pink, Cecilia is in the purple.

When they finished, they asked if they could go to the pool. Apparently when I said we would do swimming lessons after gymnastics lessons, I was not as clear as I thought. :)


  1. Where was this place?! It's like my dream gym as a kid... lol. Wow!

  2. Great pictures! So glad they enjoyed it.