Friday, February 24, 2012

Seven Teresa Photos

While James and I were watching the movie, Teresa began climbing on top of the boxes of diapers.

So, of course, I had to grab the camera.

And then she saw me. And became the most adorable camera hog...

You can see her hair is really growing in.

See those 6 teeth - yeah, they are really strong and quite sharp.

Then she decided she wanted the camera.

She's such a cutie and she seems to be milking it for even more now that she is actually sleeping some at night.

I cannot believe she is almost 11 months.


  1. Great shots! Glad she is feeling better, hope everyone in your house is.

  2. Hey I like your St. Frances quote at the top, she's my wife's patron saint. Our elder daughter, Francesca, was named after her.

    BTW this post includes some expanded data which may suit you on the name Elizabeth: