Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free Birth Control is Not Free

I recently saw this video of Romney:

Now, first, let me give full disclosure. I can't stand Romney. But there was something about this video that got stuck in my head.

So, she wants free birth control. He doesn't want to promise free birth control. Fine. But how does he respond? Does he address the issue of free birth control? He was really presented with a teachable moment and he blew it. He was so focused on the vote, he missed the opportunity to lead.

She wants free birth control. You know what birth control is free? Abstinence. Any other kind costs. It may not cost her, but it will cost someone. That is the point. Free birth control is not free. It is just free for one person because another is willing or forced to pay for it. When did the American people vote to pay for every woman's contraceptives?

Never. And that is the ultimate irony of this "free birth control." It is not free at all. Very, very little in this world comes without any cost. (These promises of free this and free this remind me of the Roman emperors who placated the people with "bread and circuses.")Not only will someone have to foot the bill - either the American tax payer or the American insurance holder through the insurance companies higher cost - but since none of America voted for it, we all lost the freedom to choose whether or not we wanted to.

And this is where a lot of the more recent politics is leading me. Government has become, to such a great degree, about appeasing lobbies and donors and buying votes that all sorts of laws have been passed restricting this or imposing that from free birth control to shut down child-run lemonade stands. America used to be known as the "land of the free" and yet it for every law Washington passes, we lose more and more freedom. Forget the religious institutions.... suppose a business man or woman really objects to birth control and simply doesn't want to provide insurance for it. Does he or she have a choice? Individual freedom lost in the name of the "right to contraceptives." A person wants to give food to the homeless. No can do. Need a permit or a few permits to do that now. And they aren't cheap either. Having a bake sale? Those pies have to be cooked in a regulated kitchen.

America used to pride itself on the defender of freedom. But the bigger government has become, the less freedom we've had. Ask any veteran if freedom is free. It isn't. It comes at a great cost. And yet the more the government regulates, takes over, buys out and legislates, the smaller our freedom becomes.

Of late, our nation has seemed less and less to me like a land of the free. The more free stuff the government promises, the more ties they bind. It is time to stand up for ourselves. It is time to take responsibility for our own lives. You want something? Buy it yourself. You can't afford it? Learn how to save your money. You want to take a risk? Be responsible for your own choices. And tell the government that you don't want it doing everything. Tell the government that you are more than capable of making your own decisions, your own purchases and your own future. Show the government that you have some self respect and some integrity. America has been called the home of the brave. It is time to act it.


  1. Reproductive health is a big issue too where I come from. Lots of debates about it going on the past months. :s

    As with freedom and America, I don't really know what to say.

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  2. Well said, Katherine. You are right on the money about needing permits to feed the homeless. There is a church group in Philadelphia that hands out sandwiches to the homeless at a park in that city. That upset the Mayor of Philadelphia. As a result, the Philly cops are now issuing tickets to those who feed the poor in that town. It's sad that people have to risk receiving a $150 fine just to feed the poor among us.