Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Could I Not Have Posted In So Long?

Oh goodness! Can it really have been almost a month since I posted?!? Where does the time go? I ask myself that every day. Except when the kids are acting up and then I ask why it can't go faster.

My apologies. I have been trying to post. But when it comes to posts with deeper thoughts or political or religious issues, I can't seem to get my thoughts together and then I wanted to do some videos of the girls and had trouble after trouble from iMovie to Safari not cooperative with vimeo and it just drove me nuts.

I guess when you aren't getting sick every other week, it is easier to get busy too.

Homeschooling has been going well but this early Spring weather has given the kids Spring fever and Cecilia is primarily driven now by finishing for the year. Throw in more play dates and outings and school, while going well, has been a bit harder to get done.

It has made me further think that we will not be in a homeschooling co-operative next year. I will be able to provide our own home Good Shepherd atrium by then (at least for level I) and we will still have play dates with the wonderful people we met there. But the stress of getting four kids there every Wednesday and the time we lose doing schoolwork is just more stress than I want to take on again.

Cecilia and Felicity both wanted to do another session of gymnastics, so I signed them up for another 10 weeks.

James and I finally got Teresa sleeping through the night only for her to start teething. So some nights she is fantastic, others she wakes once or twice. She even seems to be skipping her canines and going right for the big guns - her molars. Just as we got Teresa sleeping well, Elizabeth regressed. She had been just going to sleep on her own and then suddenly declared herself "scared" and insisted we sit with her. When she wouldn't stay in her bed and was scolded, she would vomit. Yeah, nice. So we've been working on two girls with some temporary sleep issues.

The other intensity of the last month is that James has been in his office, sometimes 7 or 8 hours at a time, working on his dissertation. He submitted his final draft on Wednesday. His defense date is set in April. So, he has been home a lot, but home working. And while I certainly have not been the one writing it, making sure he was able to have the time and opportunity to get it done has been a big part of the last month as well.

I shall certainly try to not let such a period of silence pass again, but I also hope for school to wind down soon, James to graduate, and, in general, things to get a little less stressful in the next couple of months.


  1. We did a co-op for one year and stopped for the very same reasons that you are giving for possibly stopping. We do not regret it at all. It has given us more time for play dates and I am less stressed because we have more time to get our school work done and one less place to be.

  2. Woo hoo - glad to see you back :)

    Hope Teresa successfully gets those teeth out soon so she can get back to sleeping through the night (yay) and best wishes to James for a super awesome dissertation. I feel for him. Ha ha!

  3. Katie, that is my hope for next year.

    Gina, thanks. Yeah, Teresa got 1 tooth last fall and then 5 in December. So I never know what to expect with her teeth except that she won't enjoy it.