Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

This year, I made a little rule for myself. The Easter baskets could be full, but anything they got had to fit into the basket. So here was the end result:

Yeah, no one suffered by that rule. Next year will be particularly interesting though as Teresa's birthday will fall on Easter Sunday. 

Each of the older three got one My Little Pony, two small stuffed animals (one of each pair was an old beanie baby sheep of mine), 3 books, 1 Easter coloring book, 1 chocolate cross, some Lindt chocolate lambs and carrots and bugs...

2 packets of stickers, 1 packet of pencils, two hand painted wooden eggs, 1 Sarah's Silks streamer, 1 Sarah's Silks cape, 2 Sarah's Silks play silks, a staff of either chocolate Kisses or mini peanut butter cups, a Holy Heroes Glory Story CD... Cecilia and Felicity each got a Hello Kitty pack of playing cards and Elizabeth got two Sesame Street figures and a Gummi Bears DVD (she loves Gummi Bears).

Teresa got a much needed sun hat I can actually tie on, a rainbow Sarah's Silks play silk, a shape and color matching egg set, a wooden rings toy, two Sesame Street figures, a small stuffed lamb, and two squeaky giraffe teethers.

You may notice Elizabeth is in her Easter dress. That isn't to go to Mass. This was after we went to the Vigil and she slept in her dress. I tried to change her but she got upset, so I let sleeping girls lie.

We actually took the girls to their first Easter Vigil Mass this year. It went quite well. Through the candlelight procession, Grandpa held Teresa, I held Elizabeth with a shared candle, James held Felicity with a shared candle and Cecilia held her own candle. Felicity curled up on the pew and fell asleep during the readings. James had to take Teresa to the back of the Church. Teresa was so tired but she struggled to sleep. One child kicking a pew 5 pews away might as well have been a fire alarm. She is such a sensitive sleeper. She did eventually take a 30 minute power nap, but that was it for her. Elizabeth held out until the consecration before she conked out on my lap. Cecilia stayed awake, attentive and interested through the entire 2 1/2 hour Mass. 

It confirmed my suspicion that she will definitely be ready to receive her First Holy Communion next year. There was one little girl there at the vigil receiving her First Holy Communion. Cecilia fell in love with the idea of wearing a beautiful white dress and white veil to receive her First Holy Communion and has asked about it a few times since. She was also excited to see another girl wearing a veil at Mass. 

Cecilia and Felicity usually, by their own choice, wear veils to Mass with me. It is completely optional but they don't see many others wearing veils and no other children, so it was especially nice for her to see the other little girl wearing one.

Later on Easter Sunday, we had two Easter Egg hunts - one upstairs with Grandma and Grandpa and one downstairs in our living room. Then a delicious turkey dinner. It was a lovely Easter weekend and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post this.

But the Easter Season lasts a while yet, so Blessed Easter everyone!!!


  1. I love the last picture where they're all in their dresses! Also, I keep hearing about these Sarah's silks....what is the idea behind them?

  2. Christine, they are a company that buys silks spun by families in China from silk worms and dyes them and makes them into all sorts of imaginative play things from veils to capes to wings to just squares that can be almost anything. They are colorful, soft and encourage imaginative play. Cecilia keeps asking for some wings. Maybe next time. lol

  3. What a beautiful family. Happy (belated) Easter.