Monday, April 30, 2012

Tag! You're It!

Here are the rules:
1.  Post these rules.
2.  Post a photo of yourself and then write 11 things about your life.
3.  Answer the questions for you set in the original post.
4.  Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you have tagged them.

Joy sweetly tagged me, so here goes...

11 Things About Me:
1. I'm not a beach person at all; total mountain person. 
2. I'm a native NYer but went to college in TX. I don't have any accent but on rare occasions you will hear me turn my "r" into an "a" or refer to you with a nice "y'all". It is an especially rare phenomenon to hear both in the same sentence.
3. I was diagnosed hypothyroid in 1999. 
4. I've seen over 50 stage musicals but my all time favorite is The Phantom of the Opera, which I first saw on Broadway when I was 8. 
5. I have a phobia of cockroaches.
6. I love playing Kakuro
7. I have two brothers but no sisters. And now I am raising 4 of them. God has a sense of humor. :)
8. I love mint. I love chocolate. I despise them together. Some things are just not meant to be joined.
9. I hate heat and summer. If it is over 75, it is too hot. If I'm not in a pool, fast forward to Fall.
10. I love books. My favorite work of fiction is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
11. I have a sewing machine. I have no idea how to use it. One day...

Joy's questions:
Favorite breakfast?     Scrambled Eggs, hash browns, bacon and OJ. Add cheese if the eggs and bacon are on an english muffin or in a tortilla. :)

First presidential election you remember?    1992 - George Bush. We had a mock debate in class.

Home decorating style? favoring which time period?    Log Cabin (mountain but not southwest)

Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla Bean

And what is going on top? (Fave toppings?) Caramel and fudge

What country/culture fascinates you most? British and Japanese

Planner or spur of the moment personality? Definitely planner. I love planning. Too much. It is the follow through I struggle with.

Favorite board game? Scattergories

Given a choice would you color or play with Play-doo? As long as you mean Play-Doh, sure, I'd play with play-doh.

Favorite after-school snack? Cheese and crackers, red grapes or tortilla chips with sour cream

You are hosting a 3 movie marathon: what is the theme or featured artist? A&E Pride and Prejudice miniseries, A&E Emma, and Masterpiece Theater Jane Eyre

My Questions:
1. Favorite movie genre?
2. Ideal date?
3. Favorite painting?
4. If you had/have a garden, what would you plant?
5. Mountain person or beach person?
6. Favorite type of restaurant?
7. Do you play video games and if so, what is your favorite?
8. You won the lottery. What's the first thing you'd do with your winnings?
9. Ideal vacation?
10. Beverage of choice?
11. Favorite childhood toy?

Tagging Kristen, Gina and Cam! Can't wait to learn more about you, ladies. :)


  1. Haha, here you go:


    And if it makes you feel better, I'm petrified of roaches, too. Heebie-geebies!

    Thanks for the tag - I'll get to work on these! :)

  3. Yes I meant Play-Doh, haha!
    Thanks for playing!

    1. @ Joy - you have the most darling photo of you and your daughter.

      Finding you through this recent post, I ended up basing some of my questions on your recent entry. Ha ha ha.

      So glad to have found you. Blessings!