Monday, April 16, 2012

Teresa Turns One

I'm sorry I am behind in my posting. My computer has been ill but it is back now with a new logic board and a new screen (all happily free thanks to the warrantee)!

Two weeks ago, Teresa celebrated her 1st birthday! She is such an amazing 1 year old. She is happy, playful, curious, and picks up on things quickly. Now if only she would stop playing with toilet paper. :)

Unfortunately, Teresa's godparents were unable to be there. So, since it was a small, family party, we got cupcakes instead of a big cake but they were still delicious. Our local bakery rocks.

Teresa definitely loved her cake.

I still can't believe how long her hair is getting.

Mandatory messy hand reaching for camera shot...

She was very excited about her presents. The possibilities were endless. 

First, they could be an awesome drum!

Then ... the bows! Oh, those bows! The excitement was unbearable...

Grandma and Grandpa gave her a much needed new car seat. She is already loving sitting facing forward. She also got a toddler swing. Just this past weekend I got her new swing hung up and she enjoyed her first ride in it. She loved it. I swore she was going to drift to sleep in it but Cecilia kept seeing just how high Teresa actually liked to swing.

Bows can be pom poms too!!!

Or shakey thingies!!!

She also got an adorable 3-D wooden puzzle. She was familiar with this one. The co-op we go to has one and she has been very fond of it. Needless to say, Elizabeth remembered it too and wasted no time...

Candles! Yes, candles. When Teresa takes her naps or goes to bed, I light a candle in our room. It acts as a small night light, gives a nice glow to the room, and I pick calming scents for a nice relaxing environment for her to go to sleep in.

James' parents sent her a cute pajamas, Minnie Mouse dress and Spring dress.

Needless to say, once the sugar and excitement wore off, she was ready for bed. But those bows lasted over a week!

I still can't believe how big she has gotten. They grow so quickly. I'm definitely enjoying this time though. She can sometimes be clingy and needy and grumpy, but she usually agrees to turn that into snuggle time. She is loving exploring everything she can get her mouth hands on and loves playing with all her sisters. She especially seems to love making music, particularly banging drums, shaking maracas and shaking clackers. She also loves pretending she is on the phone. She will pick up a remote control and hold it to her head and walk around as though she were on a conference call. It is priceless.

She can be a demanding little girl, but it is hard to resist her. Happy 1st Birthday, Teresa!!!

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