Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Say you have an idea, something you want to write about. But you are sure it has been written about before, and possibly even better than you could do. What motivates you to write it anyway?

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  1. I use writing to figure out what I think about a topic as much as to tell people what I have to say or to say it better than anyone else. I have my own way of thinking about things that is unique and that is what I want to express. Writing is not a competition but communication. And it's not just about communication of ideas but about communication of self. In that case I would have my own way of putting things, which might not be objectively better, but might in face reach some people even more effectively than the "better" writing.

    And then some things just burn to be written and no matter what I do I can't not write them. In that case I write out of the need to get it out of my head, to calm that composing voice which is writing and writing and writing and won't stop till the words are safely on paper or whatever the electronic equivalent is.