Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. Sorry I've been so quiet. Sunday evening I got hit with some sort of stomach/gastrointestinal penance. Round 2 hit Tuesday afternoon. James actually got hit early Monday morning, right before he had to head in for an all-day job interview. He had to give a presentation with a splitting headache. Last night, my dad got it. It has been one of those weeks.

2. Tuesday night, James and my dad took Cecilia and Felicity to their first ever live professional baseball game. The Texas Rangers were going up against the Baltimore Orioles. Fortunately, the rain held off. The girls were so good and had a blast. From hot dogs to cotton candy to popcorn to ice cream to the playground and a bounce house, they had a good time. Cecilia even tried to hit a whiffle ball suspended in the air - nailed it 5 times in a row. They didn't quite understand the game, but they got to watch the players with my dad's binoculars. It was a neat game too - Rangers Hamilton hit 4 home runs! Needless to say, Rangers shot the Orioles down. Go Rangers! :)

3. Teresa has become a bit of a climber. Chairs. Tables. Storage bins. She is enjoying the higher views. She has also taken to wearing anything she can drape over her head. Unfortunately, she still thinks she can walk around like that. LOL

4. All of my kids have begun their motor skills very early and then improved their verbal skills a little later. So imagine my shock when Teresa picked up a toy phone and repeatedly said "Haaoo. Haaoo. Haaoo." James swears he has heard her say "see you" after he says "peek-a-boo" too. She has been making sounds like crazy but so did Elizabeth and then my kids have always gone quieter until they are around 18 months and then suddenly the vocabulary begins to explode. I'm so not used to a little one speaking like this so early!

5. James graduated today! YEAH! I'll have a whole post on that, but I had to include it.

6. Sorry, but it has been a very good, but very long and tiring day. I'm out of takes, quick or otherwise.

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  1. Ha - "I'm out of takes quick or otherwise."

    Glad you're feeling better and hoping you're resting easy. Happy Mother's Day! Congrats to James! <3