Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1st Grade Completed

Last August, Cecilia, by her own pleas, began Kindergarten. She sped through my schedule and finished in October. Well, not keeping with the public system schedule, I didn't wait 9 months for her to begin 1st Grade and we just dove on in. I did my best to schedule things so that she could finish 1st grade and begin 2nd grade in August again and get back "on schedule" so to speak, even if a year ahead.

I am happy to report that today, Cecilia officially finished 1st grade. She had actually finished most of her work in June or the first week of July. The last two weeks she has mainly been finishing her math book and learning the first verse to the Star Spangled Banner. Knowing she could finish if she wanted to, I offered a bit of motivation. It worked. :)

We celebrated with McDonalds for lunch too. She is looking forward to the rest of the week without any school and just playing (not that she doesn't devote most of her day to playing anyway but I guess to a 6 year old, even an hour of math less per day is a great relief.

Alas though, it is not to last.

I don't schedule our school year around the traditional school year. I schedule it around the Liturgical year. So, while we begin our school year in August, and we end in July, we take off more days when most students are doing school. We take off 3 weeks for Christmas, 1 week for Spring break (after all, Daddy is home!), 2 weeks for Easter, 2 weeks for Pentecost, etc. I also schedule the work such that, if we stay on track, we finish the school year in June and have a month or so off before starting the next year. Or, if something happens such that we need to take more time off during the year, like depending on when a certain little baby brother or sister is born, we can and still have some buffer to use.

While I had not planned on beginning 2nd grade for Cecilia and a relaxed Pre-Kindergarten for Felicity until July 30th, I have decided to bump it up a week so that we will not be behind when we don't bring any school work with us on a trip to Texas in August. Dollywood, Diamond hunting, visiting family and a pilgrimage to EWTN and the Shrine there will just be more enjoyable with no school work. As Cecilia said, "Mom! You can't bring school on vacation!" and she has a point. So, we are starting a week earlier than I had planned but that is one of the many great things about homeschooling - I can be flexible.

I am planning a couple of school-related posts but I wanted to get this one up with some preliminary about what we do and where we are.

Congratulations, Cecilia! You are one awesome 2nd grader!

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