Sunday, July 15, 2012

Elizabeth's 3rd Birthday

Okay, you know when you can't remember what the last post you wrote was, it has been too long since you posted.

My poor blog. ...

Anyway, I'm going to try to catch up a bit.

Elizabeth turned three at the end of June. Since she is so young, we kept her birthday fairly simple and a bit low-key. First we went to the movies and saw Brave. She really enjoyed it along with her popcorn and M&Ms. Then, while daddy was picking up her cookie cake, we went for a couple rounds on the Carousel.
 Even Teresa got to ride her first carousel horse!
 We went to a playground store and placed an order for a swing set for the backyard. Hopefully we will get that soon if the HOA ever .... never mind. I'll be nice. :) But the store had numerous swing sets to "sample" so the girls spent over an hour romping on swing sets. Afterwards, we picked up Chick FilA and ate at home. In order to space out dinner and dessert, we opened presents before the cake.

 Elizabeth loves to play outside, so my parents got her a sprinkler to run through
a beautiful statue of St. Agnes, shirts of Kermit, Elmo and Luigi and a toy boat with figures of Jesus and the Apostles.
 She loved her cards, especially the musical ones.
 My parents also got her a high chair in which to feed her babies.
 James and I had bought her a lovely picture of St. Agnes and had it framed. Now each of the oldest three girls has a framed picture of each of their patron Saints hanging in their bedroom. We also got her two wooden dolls of her patron saints,
 and a DVD of Timmy Time.
 James' parents bought her new pajamas and a new outfit
 and several new coloring books
 and a magna doodle.
 We also got her some play figurines of The Muppets (she is quite the Kermit fan)
 and a toy LarryBoy and his car.
 I think she really enjoyed her birthday. She is very proud to be three now too.
 Happy Birthday to my Princess Elizabeth!

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  1. Welcome back! Thought morning sickness had gotten the better of you (hence the lack of posts).


    Looks like you've been keeping quite entertained! What a fun birthday celebration! The pictures are so sweet!

    Hope all is well!