Sunday, August 19, 2012

Deep In The Heart of Texas

We met James' parents and our nephew for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant Mercados before heading to their house. 

We spent the next 4 or so days eating and watching the girls play and spending time with James' parents, brother and nephew. From motorized bikes to tricycles to swings and bouncy horses... in the Texas August heat, it didn't take long to see red cheeks all around.

The girls also helped find horned worms that were devilishly eating James' mom's tomato plants...

And then, of course, what do you do with worms? You feed them to the chickens of course! The girls helped feed the chickens just about every day and also had fun finding eggs. Now if only I could get them to eat eggs!

James' parents rent out part of their property for horses. So the girls also got to pet the horses... I think this one's name is Jigger? Jagger? Something like that. Phantom was disappointingly elusive...

Even Teresa got to pet the horse...

Okay, so maybe there would have been more smiles if I hadn't wait until just before we left to take this picture, but still, it was nice to get a shot with all three generations together.

The girls had a good time and we all had a nice visit. Hopefully the next one take 2 1/2 years. :)

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  1. Yay! It's so wonderful to spend time with family - especially family you haven't seen in a long time. They must've been SO excited to see the children!!!

    And it looked like so much fun for them. So happy for you guys!