Saturday, August 18, 2012

Westward, Ho!

It has been a bit since I posted, but that is primarily because we were on a trip for 12 days. We hadn't seen James' parents in 2 1/2 years. They had never even gotten to meet Teresa yet. So, we packed up the kids and the car and began driving to Texas.

Teresa with her Burger King crown. 

We drove all of the first day ending in Tennessee. We thought the girls would need a break from the car, so we took a day at Dollywood.

Now THIS is a union I can get behind!

Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" (love that song!)

After a full day at Dollywood, we drove through Tennessee to Little Rock, Arkansas. We stayed overnight there and went to Mass at a local parish. Unfortunately, it was clearly a dying parish. Parishioners were sparse and we lowered the average age considerably. One lady just kept staring at us and told me how I had my hands full and then stared at us some more. It was sad.

After Mass, we drove to a nearby diamond mine. It is a huge crater in which you can dig for diamonds and other stones. You find it, you keep it. They have found over 70,000 diamonds in the crater in the last 100 years or so. We dug for a little bit. Cecilia was so hopeful she was going to not only find a diamond, but bring back diamonds for everyone. Unfortunately it was over 100 degrees and felt like much worse out in that open crater. Needless to say, this young and pregnant crew didn't last long and didn't find much.

After digging in the heat, we had lunch and drove to Irving, Texas. We stayed overnight in Irving and then took the girls to breakfast at Chick Fil-A and to see the Mustangs of Los Colinas.


We then drove over to our Alma Mater, the University of Dallas. The campus was mostly empty since no classes were in session but we visited some old friends and even ran into one of our former professors.

We also stopped by the chapel for a visit.

The girls were quite disappointed that the Braniff fountain had no fish.

Since the last time I was there, they have added two swings on the mall. The girls loved them!

After picking up some new UD gear, including a teddy bear for Teresa and a onesie for the new baby, we began driving back towards East Texas to meet James' parents for lunch. But that begins another post. :)


  1. Love the pictures from Las Colinas and UD. It's burning me up that Dom will be flying to Dallas in two weeks for the CNMC while I stay here. I haven't been to the Dallas area (only to Austin) since I was pregnant with Bella and I miss it so. One of these days maybe we can take a road trip like yours. That would be fun.

  2. Melanie, I know what you mean. We don't get to go often but when we do go to visit James' parents, they are about 2 hours from Dallas, so it isn't too hard to swing up to Irving (what's 2 more hours after driving for 2 days? lol). I hope you guys can go sometime.

  3. Is that an Annunciation statue of the Blessed Mother I saw?

  4. Gina,
    Sorry I'm so slow to respond. Yes, it was made by a UD student. My husband and I both love that statue.... apparently the girls took to it too.