Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Last Friday, as I said in my Quick Takes, we made a trip to a local farm for some time in the hay bale maze, visiting the animals, and apple picking.

Saturday the girls had gymnastics and then we went to Mass.

Sunday we went with the American Heritage Girls to a puppet show and later I took Cecilia and Felicity to their American Heritage Girls meeting.

Monday, Grandma and Grandpa took the day off, and we all went to the Baltimore Aquarium. It is one of three outings on my list at the moment and the girls had been begging to go. The weather also wasn't great Monday, so it was a good day to be indoors.

They have a Children's Discovery area. The kids love it. From finding different shells hidden in sand to putting on their own sea life puppet show, they always find something to play with here.

They don't do dolphin "shows" the way they used to. Instead they do periodic 10-15 minute demonstrations. We caught two of them. 

Teresa was particularly interested in the dolphins. She loved seeing them leap and splash. It was like a surprise present each time one did something.

Cecilia is particularly into sting rays. Since she already has a small plush sting ray, at the gift shop she bought a plush jelly fish. Maybe I'm not emphasizing the stinging aspect of these creatures enough?

Can you see the alligator? It took the girls a few minutes to find him. The part of me that lived in Florida for over a decade had no problem however. I much prefer them behind glass.

This was just cool. The moray eel was just sitting there hiding behind the coral with his mouth opening and closing. 

Felicity, my girl who wants to name the baby Rainbow Sparkle if it is a girl, got a pink sparkling dolphin at the gift shop and I picked up a plush sea turtle for Teresa. I asked and asked but Elizabeth, in her exhaustion, didn't want anything but a lollipop. Until we got home. Then she said she wanted a sea turtle and has repeatedly "borrowed" Teresa's. Fortunately, the aquarium had no problem shipping us one. So she will get a little present in the mail today and Teresa can keep her turtle. 

The best part? The aquarium is expensive, but, thanks to my parents' company, we all got in for free! We also got discounts at the cafeteria and the gift shop. 

Afterwards we walked across the way and had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Cecilia hated how loud it was, to the point where she was crying. Fortunately, the manager was very nice and turned the music down a few notches and we had a pleasant dinner. 

Needless to say though, after such a busy weekend, a few days of normal school and quiet are definitely in order. 

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  1. We are so glad to see everyone enjoyed their recent trip to our Baltimore venue! We hope to see you all again very soon!