Monday, November 19, 2012

Felicity Takes Five!

Five years ago today, I had the fastest, easiest labor and birth I've ever had. I also met my smallest baby, whose 6 pound birth weight made me determined not to leave her in the 5 pound range for long.

She was my easiest baby so far. When she was hungry, she ate. When she was sleepy, she simply went to sleep. She was about as self-sufficient as a baby can be. She spoiled me. 

She never quite grew out of that quiet, shy stage... she simply has a more introverted personality that insists she get to know you before she leaves her comfort zone.

She is my girly-girl loving all things pink and purple and all things princess.

She is the second mommy of the household. She staked claim on being the new baby's "second mommy" months ago.

She also insists she wants to be a grown up, but I think that is mainly to be able to stay up later. She also insists that she wants to sleep in bed with me as she resentfully gets into her own bed each night.

Her imagination cannot be contained and anything and everything has a potential story just waiting to be told. She is also a bit of a dare devil, always asking to go faster and be pushed higher. She doesn't scare easily and is quite proud of how brave she can be. 

She is a treasure beyond measure, and today she turns 5 years old. 

I remember almost 2 years ago being somewhat shocked that I had a child who was 5 years old. But, Felicity, my Felicity, how can she be 5? My little sunshine? My little sweetheart who wants to name the baby Rainbow Sparkle? It still seems surreal. There are surprises where it makes sense how life has managed to sneak up on you, but it still amazes me how even the things you know are coming manage to surprise you. 

On Saturday, we had Felicity's birthday party. 

Can you guess her theme?

In addition to the unicorn cake, there were two unicorn banners, a pin the horn on the unicorn game, unicorn plates and cups, unicorn party favor boxes and stickers and a 2 foot tall unicorn head balloon. 

She got a remote control Mario Kart car.

The much begged-for-since-June Doc McStuffins Doctor Playset that took me weeks to catch at ToysRUs.

Her godparents got her a My Little Pony Unicorn Playset.

Grandma and Grandpa got her several unicorn books, a unicorn plush, a pegasus plush, a unicorn shirt, a plush Toadette (Mario Bros.) and a Birthday Hello Kitty plush. 

They also got her three new Wii games, the DVD Brave and a hard plastic winged unicorn. 

James' parents sent her some Hello Kitty socks and two new pairs of pajamas and a ride on "motorcycle."

It is battery powered and has no problem riding on grass, which is perfect! 

I assume by now you've guessed that she is into all things unicorn. She should be covered for a while.

Yeah, she had a good day... though she still wants a pet REAL unicorn. I told her she could start praying. I'm still working up to a pet REAL dog. :)

For breakfast this morning, daddy ran out and got her donuts. She has since spent the day playing, watching Disney Channel with the premier of Princess Sofia and is now playing her new video games. 

Since her party was Saturday, today will be mostly laid back but it should be nice as I always schedule Thanksgiving week off and that makes this a vacation week anyway. So I have more time to get all the chocolate cake stains out of the laundry. :)

A Very Blessed 5th Birthday, My Princess Felicity!!!!!

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