Friday, December 21, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

That long week from my last quick takes? It is still going.

1. The following week, just as Elizabeth was finishing her antibiotics, Teresa got an ear infection. This week, just as I thought everyone was almost all better and we were nearing the finish line, Felicity was up during the night and complained her ear hurt. Sure enough, the doctor confirmed yesterday morning that her right ear has a "full blown ear infection," and then, on the way home from the doctor's office, she threw up.

I'm starting to think our "Which Christmas Mass should we go to?" should have a Plan B of "Which Christmas Masses should we tag team at?" The doctor said Felicity's might very well be a different virus than the one that has been plaguing our house for the last three week. She also said she had seen more ear infections in the last few days than she had in quite a while... something about this virus just goes for the ears.

2. I got out the baby bouncy seat. Fortunately it is convertible for toddlers:

Now if I could just keep Cecilia out of it. 

3. Cecilia has been drawing Christmas pictures and decorating the place. I found this on the wall by my desk:

4. Happily, we finished school for 2012. I don't know if I was more thrilled or that would be Cecilia. Wohoo! No more school until after the new baby's arrival!

5. Teresa has really taken to the Cenacle atrium work. I mean, she doesn't understand it or anything, but she absolutely loves the little people and the table and the room and the crucifix... I just have to keep an eye so she doesn't wander off with the pieces.

6. Monday it looked like this outside:


I was just waiting for an exorcist to show up beneath a spotlight or maybe two Baskerville hounds to come bounding out of the woods!

7. For your viewing humor... the Teresa antic of the week:

IMG 2083 from Katherine S on Vimeo.

She got ahold of James' razor and thought she needed a shave, evidently. Fortunately, she was holding the razor upside down.

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