Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Belated Christmas Photos

I've said I don't handle the 9th month well.... that includes being punctual with blog posts and photos. Sorry. Without further ado, Christmas in pictures:
Cecilia's homemade Advent Calendar

The girls often play using their stuffed animals and Cecilia had been begging for a stuffed Bowser so they actually had a villain for their games.

Each of the girls got Wreck-It Ralph racers and they have been quite the hit.

Teresa absolutely loves VeggieTales and to go with the new Incredible Vegetables DVD, she got play figures of the characters as well. 

Felicity got play figures of the Wreck-it Ralph characters.

Ever my Doc McStuffins fan, Teresa loves this play set. 

Cecilia in her new Wreck-It Ralph shirt and doctor kit stethoscope.

After opening the presents under our tree, we went upstairs to my parents tree where the girls found more gifts. Cecilia had been begging for a comic book and she is enjoying Calvin and Hobbes.

Elizabeth got a gymnastics mat and the girls have been having a blast playing on it every which way possible.

I'm sorry I don't have more to share. I did try to take more pictures but between trying to help Teresa with her presents and the fact that kids just don't hold still Christmas morning, there were quite a few blurry ones. 

Everyone had a great Christmas though and we hope yours was wonderful as well. 

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