Friday, January 25, 2013

Seven Quick Takes - Random Photos Edition

Okay, so, I have accumulated all these photos on my desktop to share on my blog but there isn't really a universal theme to them all, so I'm just going to use a Quick Takes to clean off my desktop. 

1. For our wedding anniversary earlier this month, James bought me 18 long stemmed red and white roses. They were absolutely beautiful. He also cooked us a steak dinner with mashed potatoes, green beans and bearnaise sauce and homemade vanilla bean creme brulee for dessert. He also bought this 100 year old French altar crucifix for our family prayer table. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm so blessed!

2. Elizabeth decided to dress up as a princess and insisted I take pictures of her. So adorable!

3. Teresa got hold of some markers and decided body art was the way to go. That included her arms and legs. Fortunately, it was a washable marker. 

4. Teresa needed a bath from her body art. Her favorite bath game is putting a football rubber ducky on the edge of the tub and then I clandestinely knock it into the tub. She squeals, deafeningly, with delight. 

5. My grandparents got the girls two sets of these magnetic colorful block-like pieces. They come in triangles and squares. The girls absolutely love them, especially the younger ones. Teresa can't arrange them in enough patterns and Elizabeth loves to make "cakes" out of the triangle ones.

6. Teresa absolutely loves being held upside down. And she begs, absolutely begs, to be tickled while upside down. In fact, when she is grumpy, it is almost a guaranteed cheerer-upper!

7. On one highway outside Baltimore, I saw this sign. That is 420 miles to Columbus, Ohio, 845 miles to St. Louis, Missouri, 1700 miles to Denver, Colorado and 2200 miles to Cove Fort, Utah, which is where the highway ends. I can only imagine the purpose of such a sign to be more for entertainment purposes, but it did make me look up where and what Cove Fort is. 

Much thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for helping me clean off my desktop. Hope you were able to enjoy it too!

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