Friday, February 1, 2013

Cecilia Turns Seven

On Tuesday Cecilia turned 7. Rather than trying to juggle two parties, a baptismal and a birthday, we made it a joint party the previous Saturday after Brigid's baptism. The last time all of our extended family was able to attend a birthday of Cecilia's was when she turned 2 and we did a joint birthday/baptismal party after Felicity's baptism. It was so nice to see everyone. But next time I must remember to include a note that just because the party is also a birthday party doesn't mean everyone has to bring the birthday girl a present... boy did she clean up! LOL

She wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog theme.

Cecilia has a flare for the dramatic and always makes sure to hold up each gift after it is opened for everyone to see it. And she does this whether it is her birthday or someone else's. 

She had a lot of fun. You could easily tell before she went to bed that she was on cloud 9. Clearly she never minded sharing the spotlight with her baby sister. 

Usually I'm a bit shocked to have a child reach a new age, wondering how I could have a little girl getting so big, but I have to admit that, while that is a bit true this year, it is the fact she will be receiving her First Holy Communion in May that is simply blowing me away. Where does the time go!?!?

Happy 7th Birthday, Cecilia!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Cecilia!!
    Glad the joint party was a great success!

  2. My husband is totally jealous of Cecilia's sonic cake!!! Looks like a wonderful day!