Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes


Brigid had her 6 week checkup. Her pediatrician, who is completely worth the 30 minute drive!, agreed with me that she is doing great. She measured 21 inches and is up to 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Considering she had dropped to 6 pounds, 3 ounces 2 days after she was born, she has basically put on 3 pounds in 6 weeks - wohoo! And while she eats really well, and I hope I do not get in trouble for saying this, she sleeps even better. I don't mean she is one of those miracle babies that just sleeps 12 hours out of no where, but she sleeps a lot and goes to sleep really easily. I'm always in awe when she just conks out in the living room with 4 sisters and chaos all around her. I can actually put her in the crib with the mobile going and the Yanni CD on and she just goes to sleep on her own. I haven't been able to say that since Felicity was a baby! 


I generally try to schedule appointments so that James can watch the other kids and I only have to bring the one who has the appointment. This time I just couldn't do it, so I took all the kids with me. It was a little nuts but everything went well. Even when Teresa turned out the lights in the room, no one panicked, screamed or got stepped on! :)

Her sisters were all very good throughout the appointment but they didn't like when Brigid got her 2 shots... in fact they kept insisting that Brigid was scared. lol. Brigid took it like a champ... after having your toddler sister literally pull your head off of Mommy or whack you on the back or squeeze your feet, what is a shot or two?


I wondered how it was so quiet and what Teresa was up to when I found her like this. It still cracks me up. Just another reason toddlers should never be given a drivers license. :) I did have to move her to the sofa as she was gradually sliding towards the door and a crash onto a hard floor is no way for anyone to wake up. 


At her American Heritage Girls meeting, Cecilia helped make a mural of the 7 days of creation. She told everyone about day 1 when God separated the light from the darkness.

She was also ecstatic to get to read the opening ceremony. She had been asking to read for months so this was a real treat. My apologies the video starts off sideways, but I straightened it quickly.


We have a nice wooded area behind our house that is sadly to be invaded by a construction crew in a couple of months when another house will be built. I am hoping it won't scare off our neighborly red tailed hawk or these guys:

I've seen a pair of these red foxes in the field behind the house... they will actually roll around in the grass like a dog and stretch out like a cat. It is really quite cute to watch them. Plus, they eat snakes, bugs, and mice... as I have no chickens, what's not to like? I am not going to be happy if the construction scares them off. 


One of my "new baby resolutions" involved reading to the girls more. I've made a point of recommending reading more often, especially when they dare to tell me they are bored. And yet, while Cecilia reads regularly (she is required for school as well) and Teresa would routinely camp out on a little sofa and "read" her board books, Elizabeth rarely would read anything and Felicity almost never. 

I began to wonder if the sheer set up of the books deterred reading. I mean, the toys are centered and in the open and yet most of the books are in the corner, as you see above. The two bookcases with kids in front of them are the board books mostly. So, to try to encourage more perusing of the bookcases, I tried a little rearranging...

I actually think the room looks a bit brighter this way and definitely more open. And, I'm thrilled to say that, so far anyway, book reading is on the rise. I now regularly see girls parked on the blue sofa reading books. This has especially been on my mind as Felicity should have no problem finishing her reading lessons this Spring and I want to get her off to a good start reading books, like I did Cecilia.


Brigid smiles more and more now. I get multiple smiles daily. Can't get enough though! :)

Much thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!


  1. So glad Brigid is thriving!
    Your reading corner redo looks great and I'm glad to read it is having the positive effect you had hoped for.
    Seeing an increase in baby smiles here too, such fun!

  2. Awww - LOVED this post! What adorable pictures (I admit I actually said "Aww" out loud when I saw Teresa asleep in the car).

    Brigid is growing so big so fast! All those little smile! Yay!

    And good for Cecilia! How exciting for her!

    Glad to see things are going so well for you guys. :) Blessings!

  3. ha! Loved Teresa sleeping in the car!